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FBA-shipping-experts Importing and exporting is a complicated game. Not only is it important to research the process, but it is also critical, prior to shipping, to understand the regulatory environment and requirements you’ll be facing. Sure, there’s the proper classification/duty calculation component. But this is just the flour of the cake. You also need to be cognizant of marking, licensing and many other regulatory restrictions. And we’re speaking about Customs alone! As an example, for US imports, depending on your commodity, your cargo may also be regulated by a myriad of other Government agencies (USDA, DOT, EPA, CPSC, to name a few) which have their own set of requirements. There are too many cooks in this kitchen!

Amazon FBA Importing into the US ClickBut this cake has several layers.

In addition to complying with Governmental agencies (NOT a piece of cake, obviously), it is also important for you to appreciate your responsibilities as an eCommerce/Amazon FBA seller/Importer of Record and abide by unique origin and destination requirements. Understanding VAT is one tiny example. When importing goods into the European Union, Value Added Tax (VAT) plays an important role. The seller of goods imported into an EU Member State is required to pay the import VAT to Customs to enable the goods to be cleared and delivered to the respective eCommerce or Amazon Fulfillment Center. The company then sells its goods to its customers and charges VAT on these sales. The company collects the VAT and the amount is declared on the monthly/quarterly VAT return. In addition, the import VAT collected is also declared on the monthly/quarterly VAT return. The net amount to pay the tax office is then calculated as: Sales VAT less [import VAT + other vendor invoice VAT]. (See what we mean? And that’s just Europe!  There are complexities with Canadian GST as well.) The icing on this cake is ensuring that your cargo is packaged to the specifications of the receiving Amazon Fulfillment Center. After all of your preparations, the last thing you need is having your cargo rejected by the recipient.

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Whether you’re a new seller seeking consultation advice on how to navigate governmental and country specifics for your eCommerce/Amazon FBA goods or a more seasoned seller seeking door-to-door transportation services, assistance with Customs clearance, international transportation, cargo insurance or simply compliance services, Shapiro knows the recipe very well. We’re here to help. If you need help importing Fulfillment by Amazon or eCommerce cargo into the US, please contact us at

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