We don’t want to get in trouble with the chancellor of Germany, but one thing the European Union is not is, well, united.  While they allegedly work off of one sheet of music, each country has discordant regulations, and non-harmonious VAT laws and general rules of engagement.  Additionally, each country’s Customs authority operates with different software and different “instruments.”

Boroque Rock

The key to successful logistics into and out of Europe is having the perfect conductor—one with knowledge of the right experts in every country, one that makes those experts available to shippers like you on one platform.

Call it an orchestra, if you’d like!

Yes, Shapiro has a European arm!  Please reach out to us at consulting@shapiro.com to learn about our comprehensive service line-up for the LTUEU (Less-Than-United European Union), and the rest of Europe.    It will be music to your ears.

Our Agent Network

It's no secret.  They're no secret.  They're simply the best in the biz.  Our Shapiro GlobalFlex™ Network gives you, and us, the service we all deserve!  Learn more about how efficient is effective.

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