There is a major crisis in the realm of technology for importers like you:  you’re losing your sanity because you’ve heard the same worn out speeches about shipment tracking from every freight forwarder and Customs broker on the planet.  For the small part Shapiro has played in this crisis, we are sincerely sorry.


Rather than continue this trend and immediately list all of the same products also offered by our competitors, please allow us to explain why our approach to technology is different.  And better.

  • We meticulously note your current process
  • We collaborate with you to truly understand your objectives and aspirations for an improved process
  • We build our systems (and human) plan of attack specifically for you; nothing canned here
  • We allot 20-30% of our annual investment dollars in programmers and in the tools of technology

Our latest investment is a business intelligence platform that will put your cargo data in the right hands and smiles on the right faces (including yours); this is the report writer that sits atop the food chain and has yesterday’s spreadsheet hiding in the bushes.

Warning: The remainder of this web page is devoted to telling you what everybody else offers.  The major difference is that we put in the hours and the sweat to make sure our version of “industry standard” is relentlessly perfect, which makes it considerably more than standard.

Our list of premium technology offerings:

  • EDI Integration with you (SKU, commercial docs)
  • Import Permit Tracking
  • EDI Integration with any and all supply chain vendors
  • Warehouse Withdrawal Portal
  • Integrated Customer Parts Database
  • Shipment Event Notifications
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Shipment and Entry Analysis Dashboards
  • ISF Filing Portal
  • Daily E-mailed Cargo Status Reports