Honestly, have you ever worked in an industry with more acronyms? There are the INCOTERMS: C&F, FOB, FAS, DDP, CIF, EXW. And that’s pretty basic. But, reflect on the governmental agencies that regulate your cargo: CBP, EPA, CPSC, DOT, USDA, TSA, BIS.

Shapiro Soup

It’s alphabet soup!

When you take a moment and consider the definitions and the mountain of regulations associated with these “cute little nicknames,” you find yourself swimming in a strong current.

Consider us your lifeboat.

Our experienced consulting team enjoys diving into the ever-evolving world of today’s trade environment.   We also welcome the opportunity to “free-style” an on-site compliance or logistics seminar/webinar tailored to your needs—whether it is related to classification, cargo consolidation or developing an internal control process for imports; or whether it concerns denied parties lists, restricted commodities, or government licenses for exports; or whether you’re looking for help creating vendor/supplier scorecards, designing more efficient cargo flows, or integrating quality control inspections for your total supply chain. We also offer public seminars and webinars throughout the year. It is our way of going the distance, and creating an engaging and collaborative environment for training needs.  Our initial goal is to educate and protect you.  Our work is done when your compliance and logistics programs are on solid ground.

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Brain power and personality!  Can you believe it?  Our Big Shots... and in fact our entire staff... are the full package!  You'll like us.  We know you will. (Because we're just like you.) Take a look.

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