Secret Spice Bowls

If you are reading this, we thank you for your interest. It takes an interesting and curious person to click on “secret spice.”

Our secret spice is best explained with this somewhat ridiculous short story.

One of our large customers joined us for laser tag after he presented to our senior managers on the realities of his job and his industry. Bob had this to say after the event:

“I just love the energy and quirky passion of Shapiro. But I have one question, “is there any particular reason I was laser tagged twice as many times as any of the Shapiro team?”

Well, the truth is that we all wanted to remind our friend that he is part of our (rather interesting) family. Instead, we decided to tell him that we had remembered every one of his “special requests” over the last year.

His reply says everything you need to know about our secret spice:

“If you guys were telling me the truth, I’d have tagged most of you twice as often as I got tagged.”

What a great answer.

Maybe our secret spice is a little hard to explain, but it comes down to this: We connect with our customers. We care about our friends.