In October 1939, Winston Churchill uttered these famous words during a radio broadcast:

“…it is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”

While Winston was discussing Russia, the same words can easily be applied to your expectations for the key suppliers in your supply chain.  It is a riddle to determine why the product specifications for your order, the price per unit, or the shipping quantity changes from purchase order to production. It is a mystery why the time commitments for manufacturing, packaging, and delivery seem to be based on astrology as much as science. And, after answering all the riddles and solving every mystery, it is still a complex enigma to effectively connect your production cycle to the best transportation options (by transit and by cost) at that exact moment in time.

Enigma in a box

Frankly speaking, it can seem that Mr. Churchill had it easier in WWII than we first thought.

Shapiro is a strategic ally in your on-going battle with complication and uncertainty. We simplify your processes while giving you control of your supply chain. We understand that your vendors often fail to effectively juggle the many and simultaneous demands of production, communication, and delivery. We also understand that you sometimes judge a vendor’s performance more on gut feeling or on that vendor’s sales skills than on their actual performance. Let us work with you to design the right plan of attack.

Let’s collaborate closely to determine performance standards and acceptable variances for each relevant milestone from purchase order placement to final delivery. For many of you, the frequent problems occur early in the supply chain when sales contracts, purchase orders, and order acceptances do not match (by price, by quantity, by ex-factory date, by color, by quality, by, well, you-name-it). For many others, the difficulty lives in the world of delivery expectations at the origin loading dock, the foreign port, a consolidation warehouse, or at your door. For all of us, there are many areas that require systemic improvements and many events that require systemic measurement.

Shapiro specializes in helping you name the right events and right bases for measurement.  We’ll give you as many (or as few) milestones as you need to compare one vendor to another, to judge any vendor’s performance against any of his promises, and to gather complete control of your total supply chain. Through vendor scorecards and comparison reports, you can move smoothly from a system based on mystery and gut feeling to a system based on … a system.