Hanjin Containers Rejected by ILA

Hanjin Shipping lines is now facing a new challenge as it continues operations of loaded vessels en route to final destination. Although it seemed the issue of stranded Hanjin ships and cargo may be tapering to an end with the

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CBP Releases Guidance for Inbound Hanjin Vessels

Scenario 1: Vessel Diverted to Foreign Port and Discharged: A Hanjin vessel does not arrive in the intended U.S. port and diverts to a foreign port to discharge freight. The manifest and Importer Security Filing (ISF) must be deleted. All

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Hanjin Services Freeze Worldwide as Carrier Goes Under

The world’s seventh-largest container line, Hanjin Shipping, sent shockwaves throughout the industry as it filed for and was placed under court protection on Wednesday, August 31.   After a liquidity plan fell short and was rejected by the Korea Development Bank,

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