Now, imagine that you can have that water in any sized glass (or mug, or cup, or stein). Let your mind go and imagine that the ice cubes can be in any shape and size, and the water comes in any flavor, sparkling or flat.  We know complete flexibility and control is what you want.  And, it’s what we offer!

Shapiro 360° standard features include:

  • Tailored shipment tracking
  • Customizable reporting
  • Shipment event notifications and messaging
  • Dashboards, the way you like them
  • Multiple log-ins so all of your teammates can customize their virtual environment
  • Customer accounts with information specific to the cargo destined to them (and only them)

We sincerely hope you’ll barge into our “restaurant” and challenge us to make the drink you want; we’ll challenge you not to smile after we deliver your sparkling water with a hint of honeydew in a Ravens mug with crushed ice.

Thirsty for a tasteContact Us.

Clingy? Maybe a Little...

Choosing the right Customs broker is more than a random online purchase; it's a relationship.

The right broker looks at your business as an extension of its own, asks questions to ensure that your cargo is cleared compliantly, and fights to ensure that your cargo is white-gloved throughout the process.