The common goal sounds simple enough: “I want the right product in the right place at the right time.”  For most of us, that is a lot like saying that we just want to be 100% happy every day of our lives and to have an endless supply of cookies.

It sounds great, but it just isn’t the way the cookie crumbles.

Why? In our experience, there are two major sources of dissatisfaction for Purchase Order Management: human beings and cost. prairiedog3 Yes, we love the species, but men and women conspire (globally) to create complications based on unrealistic promises for production schedules, cargo inspections, mode of transportation, cargo consolidation, shipping schedules, and supply chain design efficiency.  To add insult to injury, controlling the costs along that path of broken promises can be next to impossible. While Shapiro cannot remove humankind and cost from your supply chain, we do excel at reducing your exposure to these forecasting uncertainties. Tell us how you do it, Shapiro!

1. We build our P.O. Management system based on your business.

Our core philosophy insists that tailored solutions and uniquely constructed exception reporting are the very best way to help our customers maintain as much control of their business as possible. We know that visibility is everything to you, and that word is defined differently for each of you.

Purchase Order Management Supply Chain Optimization Process Flow Infographic

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2. We strongly believe that too much information is as bad as too little.

This approach offers you clear, concise reports and reduces your spend throughout your supply chain.

3. We discount your management charges.

When Shapiro participates in your cargo management, freight forwarding, Customs brokerage or other elements of your cargo flow, we discount your P.O. Management charges so that you actually benefit financially in reduced fees and in process simplification. That’s money + time. We are not shy to proclaim our support for your bundled purchase!

4. We thrive on complication.

Call us sick, but we love complexity and difficult problems.   Bring us your obscure governmental cargo examinations, your quality control inspections, your perishable cargo, and your challenging suppliers. We will gather control on your behalf with diplomacy, knowledge, information, and not a small dose of courage.

5. We invest in technology.

Nobody outspends Shapiro in information technology as a percentage of our total-spend. We are a technology company that also moves cargo better than the rest. With Shapiro 360° PO management, even your most unsophisticated suppliers will provide you with real time updates and booking information through our easy-to-use web portal.  Information entered into the portal is easily evaluated through the lens of your metrics and your report cards, and it holds all players accountable. Together, we’ll use our PO management product to control your supply chain, from order placement to final delivery. We’ll manage and track all your shipments immediately from the moment a P.O. is issued. Working in the kitchen with your suppliers, Shapiro’s GlobalFlex™ Network and our topnotch staff lets you have your cookie and eat it too.

Shapiro 360 Logo Offering you complete flexibility and control over your shipment information. Shapiro 360° is our home for purchase order management, cargo tracking, all customer reports and dashboards, and all other Shapiro technology applications.

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