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Labor Strikes

Labor Strikes Throwing Curveballs

Why aren’t baseball players huge fans of labor unions? Because they don’t like to be called out on strikes! Now that we’ve “Cracker Jacked” that joke, let us take you out to the ballgame…  

If you haven’t checked the scoreboard lately, then you’ll be surprised to learn that the number of labor-related issues has skyrocketed globally in recent years. 

When labor disputes and contractual disagreements take centerfield at the port, workers toss the playbook out the window and run afoul of the rules, leaving importers and exporters in the outfield to kick dirt. 

Ships start to get comfortable, making themselves feel right at home within crowded ports as they eagerly await their chance to slide in and deliver their goods safely.   

At the bottom of the ninth, having strong labor and freight contracts can be a real game changer for your cargo! 

If you are tired of dodging unpredictable curveballs and simply want a straight answer, then it’s time for a change of base. 

Don’t wait for the pitch clock to run out! Shapiro’s experts are ready to go to bat for you. We’re in it for the long haul. Together, we can field your technological dreams!  

Days Without Incident

Insights into Ongoing Labor Strikes

Port or labor strikes can occur when you least expect it, so it’s important to have your mitt ready to catch anything that gets thrown your way! To help you keep an eye out for any signs of quarrels in the proverbial dugout, take a look below for insight into the latest global labor disputes.

The Americas

Upcoming Contract Negotiations
  • ILA – September 30th, 2024
Ongoing Strikes

View Previous Strikes (Americas)

U.S. East Coast
ILA Contracts are set to expire Sept. 30, 2024.
U.S. + Canada
Unifor 11/2/23 – Deal reached to increase wages by 5% anually for the next three years.
Ford, GM & Chevy Plants (U.S.)
UAW 10/30/23 The UAW reached a tentative agreement with the big 3 for a 4.5 year contract set to increase wages by ~25% over the period.
Vancouver, Prince Rupert
ILWU 8/31/23: West Coast Dockworkers vote to Approve New 6-year deal
U.S. Teamsters New contract has been negotiated providing an average hourly increase of $7.50 by the end of the 5-year contract, with an immediate $2.75 raise in 2023.
Leatherman Terminal, South Carolina ILA The ILA sued the United States Maritime Alliance for sending shipping lines that were in violation of a master contract prohibiting the use of terminals where ILA dockworkers did not perform all unloading tasks.


Upcoming Contract Negotiations
Ongoing Strikes
View Previous Strikes (Europe)

England, train terminals ASLEF After striking in September, the ASLEF has announced a new set of walkouts staged for December 2nd to 8th
Spain, Rail lines ADIF Potential strike was called in July, 2023. It was cancelled but initially called to denounce outsourcing and work conditions.
Spain, trucking
N/A Driver unions were striking in response to crippling petrol prices across the country “fueled” by the Russia/Ukraine war.
UK, airports + ports
PCS Border Force Resolved in May 2023
Ver.di, EVG A strike was organized by Ver.di and EVG to help offset rising food and energy costs. Wages are set to increase by ~$443 per month in two stages over a period of 25 months.

Asia + India

Upcoming Contract Negotiations
Ongoing Strikes
View Previous Strikes (Asia & India)

India N/A 9/15/23 – Labor workers at the Burimari land port walked off the job Sept. 15th demanding that they no longer be paid through intermediaries that are accused of neglect, deducting wages, and failing to pay on time
China N/A 9/22/23 – Over 1,100 workers are striking from the Zhongshan Eurotec Electronics factory in China’s Guangdong province. They are looking for an increase in pay and fewer security checks, which cause workers to stand in line for long periods of time with no pay.
N/A 10/1/23 – Thousands of workers are striking in protest against the government, claiming that it is allowing the free transport of women and the use of “non-premium” government buses.

Middle East + Africa

Upcoming Contract Negotiations
Ongoing Strikes
  • Israeli, Arab Town Strikes – General strikes are taking place in Israeli Arab towns over crime concerns, causing businesses, communities centers, and academic institutions to be shut down. 
  • Nigerian Worker Strike – Nigerian workers in several African states joined a third national strike to protest rising prices. Power outages were prevalent for businesses and homes and many government facilities were closed as well. 

Labor Strikes Summary

Labor strikes are a recognized tool for workers to advocate for their rights and improved working conditions. These organized protests, which can be led by labor unions, highlight the importance of collective bargaining and employee solidarity. When considering the history of labor movements, it’s clear that strikes have played a significant role in shaping workplace dynamics and influencing labor laws. 

In the modern era, as port workers continue to seek fair wages, improved benefits, and safer working environments, labor strikes remain a means of expressing their grievances. Understanding the legal aspects, impact on industries, and negotiation processes associated with labor strikes is essential for both employers and employees to navigate this complex terrain. 

As businesses and workers engage in these negotiations, finding a balance between labor rights and economic viability is crucial for fostering a harmonious and equitable workforce, reflecting the ongoing evolution of labor relations in today’s dynamic employment landscape. 

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