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    Shapiro Freight Report

    Download this high-level, monthly review of the U.S. import freight market to gain key insights into the tumultuous world of international shipping. From carrier alliances to labor strikes, Shapiro covers the pertinent information logistics managers need to know. Check back monthly to ensure you don’t miss key industry insights!

    The Essential Guide to Implementing Vendor Performance Metrics

    Importers strive to design their overall program to efficiently control and collect purchase order information and the cargo shipments those purchase orders become. One of the most common obstacles for maximum supply chain efficiency is the fact that suppliers and other vendors often fail to provide accurate, timely information and to keep their promises on shipping quantities and delivery dates. This paper will examine the reasons why you should measure vendor performance, what should be measured, how to evaluate your vendors, how to choose the right metric tool, and how to implement the new process in your supply chain.

    A Guide for Reducing Customs Duties Effectively (and Legally)

    The importer is required to use reasonable care in the classification of its merchandise. However, there are myriad ways importers can lower their duty costs – all perfectly legal and acceptable in the eyes of U.S. Customs. The strategies outlined in this whitepaper could be used by many importers, regardless of company size. Lower your costs and increase your competitiveness.

    Building a Strong Import Compliance Program through Reasonable Care

    Exercising reasonable care is critical to the development of a robust compliance program. Reasonable care is a legal term defined as “such degree of care, precaution or diligence as may be fairly and properly expected or required having regard to the circumstances surrounding the transaction.” The lack of reasonable care is negligence, which can cause delays in cargo release and costly penalties. Download this whitepaper to help you determine whether you are exercising reasonable care through your compliance program.

    Five Automation Strategies To Improve Entry Compliance

    Enhanced automation can greatly improve your entry compliance rating. This paper will examine five strategies you can apply to achieve greater accuracy and consistency in your Customs entry process. Download this whitepaper to learn more about methodologies that, if implemented, will result in higher approval ratings on your internal Customs audit program.