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Combating Forced Labor

Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA)

We know what you’re thinking…not another football league spinoff. Fear not because the UFLPA takes on a much more heroic role in our society. Forced labor generates an estimated $150 billion (USD) in profits annually and affects over 27 million laborers (about the population of Texas). The hero wrapped in a red cape here to save millions of laborers is none other than the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act.

The UFLPA is intended to address and counter forced labor and human rights violations in the Xinjiang Uygur Region of China, where there have been reports of mass arbitrary detention, forced labor, and other human rights abuses against Uyghurs and other ethnic minority groups.

The act proposes several measures to combat forced labor and ensure that goods produced using forced labor in the XUAR are not allowed into the United States. Some of the key provisions may include:

  1. Import Restrictions: The act may require the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to enforce restrictions on imports of goods that are produced in whole or in part using forced labor in the XUAR. This is aimed at preventing such goods from entering the U.S. market.
  2. Public Disclosures: Companies that do business in or with the XUAR may be required to disclose information about their supply chains to ensure transparency and identify any potential involvement in forced labor practices.
  3. Export Controls: The act may enable the U.S. government to impose export controls on technologies and goods that could be used in surveillance and repression in the XUAR.
  4. Sanctions: The UFLPA may empower the U.S. government to impose sanctions on individuals, entities, and officials involved in human rights abuses and forced labor practices in the XUAR.

It’s important to note that the specifics of the UFLPA may vary depending on the version and amendments of the legislation. You can also view our UFLPA resources.

UFLPA Enforcement Stats

UFLPA Enforcement Stats

The act has received increasing attention in previous years with the number of entries targeted—since 2020 alone, the entries have catapulted by a whopping 500%. But, it’s not without good reason, as championing these fair labor practices aligns with a future in which every worker is treated with dignity and respect. 

UFLPA Updates

View UFLPA Updates

Date Details 
08/01/2023 The Forced Labor Enforcement Task Force (FLETF) has published an updated UFLPA Strategy to Prevent the Importation of Goods Mined, Produced, or Manufactured with Forced Labor in the People’s Republic of China
12/11/2023 Three new China – Based Companies added to Uyghur List The DHS (Department of Homeland Security) announced on Dec. 8 the addition of three China-based companies to the Uyghur Forced labor Prevention Act (UFLPA). The total number of restricted companies is now 30. Effective Dec. 11, goods produced by COFCO Sugar Holding Co. Ltd, Sichuan Jingweida Technology Group Co., Ltd, and the Anhui Xinya New Materials Co., Ltd will be restricted from entering the United States. The UFLPA, signed into law by President Biden in Dec. 2021, prohibits goods from being imported into the U.S. that are either produced in Xinjiang, or by entities identified on the UFLPA Entity List, unless the CBP determines that the goods were not produced with forced labor. CBP began enforcing the UFLPA in June 2022 and since then, the agency has reviewed more than 6,000 shipments valued at more than $2 billion.  

Best Practices for Combating Forced Labor

Want to take these tips with you? Just fill out our Forced Labor form and download this free guide to stay on the right side of the fight against forced labor!

Best Practices for Combating Forced Labor

Withold Release Orders (WROs)

Forced Labor Violations have really come to light in the last several years. A Withhold Release Order is issued by the respective commissioner to prevent goods being made with forced labor from entering the U.S. Commerce. To learn more about Forced Labor, check out our blog.

WROs instruct Customs Officers to prevent imports from entering the U.S. due to “reasonable but not conclusive” evidence that forced labor was used in the overseas production of goods. Think Civil vs. Criminal cases when it comes to court – they have completely different standards of guilt. This is very important for manufacturers to be aware of as even the materials used in production could cause an issue.

For example, if you purchase leather made as a result of forced labor and use it for the production of purses, you could be on the hook due to the origin of said leather! 


# Date Merchandise Entities Status Status Notes
35 06/23/2021 Silica-based products Hoshine Silicon Industry Co. Ltd. and Subsidiaries Active Reference Hoshine Frequently Asked Questions | Press Release
34 01/13/2021 Cotton, Tomatoes, and Downstream Products Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) Active Reference XUAR Frequently Asked Questions | Press Release
33 11/30/2020 Cotton and Cotton Products Xinjiang Production and Construction Corporation (XPCC) and its subordinates Active Press Release
32 9/8/2020 Computer Parts Hefei Bitland Information Technology Co., Ltd. Active Press Release
31 9/8/2020 Cotton and Processed Cotton Xinjiang Junggar Cotton and Linen Co., Ltd. Active Press Release
30 9/3/2020 Apparel Yili Zhuowan Garment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Baoding LYSZD Trade and Business Co., Ltd. Active Press Release
29 8/25/2020 All Products No. 4 Vocational Skills Education Training Center (VSETC) Active Press Release
28 8/25/2020 Hair Products Lop County Hair Product Industrial Park Active Press Release
27 8/11/2020 Garments Hero Vast Group Active Press Release
26 6/17/2020 Hair Products Lop County Meixin Hair Products Co., Ltd. Active Press Release
25 5/1/2020 Hair Products Hetian Haolin Hair Accessories Co., Ltd. Active Press Release
24 9/30/2019 All Garments Hetian Taida Apparel Co., Ltd. Active Press Release
23 3/5/2018 All Products Huizhou Mink Industrial CO. LTD. Active
22 9/16/2016 Peeled Garlic Hongchang Fruits & Vegetable Products Co., Ltd. Active
21 5/20/2016 Stevia and its Derivatives Inner Mongolia Hengzheng Group Baoanzhao Agricultural and Trade LLC Active
20 3/29/2016 Soda Ash, Calcium Chloride, and Caustic Soda Tangshan Sanyou Group and its Subsidiaries Partially Active <10/12/2016
CBP removed viscose/rayon fiber from the order
19 10/6/1995 Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings Tianjin Malleable Iron Factory, a/k/a Tianjin Tongbao Fittings Company, a/k/a Tianjin No. 2 Malleable Iron Plant, a/k/a Tianjin Secondary Mugging Factory, a/k/a Tianjin No. 2 Prison Active See China Finding below.
18 4/27/1995 Tea Nanhu Tree Farm, Zhejiang Sanmei Tea Co., Ltd.; Imaizumi Tea Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd. (of Nagoya, Japan) Active
17 12/21/1994 Artificial Flowers Guangzhou No. 1 Reeducation-Through-Labor Camp, a/k/a Guangdong Province No. 1 Reeducation-Through-Labor Camp; Kwong Ngai Industrial Company Active
16 9/3/1993 Rubber Vulcanization Accelerators Shenyang Xinsheng (New Life) Chemical Works, a/k/a Shenyang Dongbei Assistant Agent Main Factory, a/k/a Xinsheng Chemical Factory, a/k/a Shenyang No. 1 Laogai Detachment, a/k/a Shenyang Reform Through Labor Second Reform Division Active
15 9/1/1993 Rubber Gloves, Condoms, Rubber Raincoats, and Rubber Footwear Shenyang New Life Rubber Factory, a/k/a Shenyang Xingsheng (or Xinsheng) (New Life) Rubber Plant, a/k/a Shenyang No. 2 Laogai Detachment, a/k/a Shenyang Dabei Prison, a/k/a Shenyang Model Prison Active
14 8/6/1993 Hoists Wuyi Machinery Plant, a/k/a Zhejiang Light Duty Lifting Machinery Factory China, a/k/a Zhejiang Province No. 1 Prison Active
13 7/8/1993 Hoists Wulin (or Wuling) Machinery Works, a/k/a Hangzhou Wulin Machinery Plant, a/k/a Hangzhou Wulin Machinery Works, a/k/a Zhejiang Province No. 4 Prison Active
12 8/14/1992 Asbestos Hsin Kang Asbestos Mine, a/k/a Sichuan (Szechuan) Pin Chiang Enterprise Company Active
11 8/3/1992 Electric Fans and Zinc-Coated Wire Sichuan (Szechuan) Xinsheng (New Life) Labor Factory, a/k/a Xinsheng (New Life) Labor Factory Active
10 7/17/1992 Sulfuric (Sulphuric) Acid Da Wei Chemical Factory Active
9 7/15/1992 Drilling Machines Zi Gong Machinery Factory, a/k/a Zigong Machinery Factory, a/k/a Sichuan (Szechuan) Zigong Labor Reform Detachment Active
8 7/15/1992 Auto Parts and Machinery Ya An Auto Parts Factory, a/k/a Sichuan (Szechuan) Bin-Jiang Enterprises Company Active
7 6/26/1992 Tea Miao Chi Tea Farm Active
6 6/26/1992 Cast Iron Items Wang Tsang Coal and Iron Factory Active
5 5/22/1992 Sheepskin and Leather Qinghai Hide & Garment Factory, a/k/a Qinghai Leather and Wool Bedding and Garment Factory, a/k/a Qinghai Fur and Cloth Factory Active See China Finding below.
4 2/25/1992 Galvanized Pipe Shandong Laiyang Heavy Duty Machinery Factory Active
3 12/2/1991 Machine Presses Xuzhou Forging and Pressing Machine Works Active See China Finding below.
2 11/14/1991 Diesel Engines Yunnan Machinery, a/k/a Golden Horse (JinMa) Diesel Factory, a/k/a Yunnan 1st Prison Active See China Finding below.
1 11/6/1991 Planing Machines Xiang-Yang Machinery Plant Active

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo
# Date Merchandise Entities Status Status Notes
1 9/30/2019 Gold Artisanal Small Mines Partially Active 5/28/2023
CBP has removed ASM DRC gold imported by the Chambers Federations from the order.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic
# Date Merchandise Entities Status Status Notes
1 11/23/2022 Raw sugar and sugar-based products Central Romana Corporation Limited Active Press Release


# Date Merchandise Entities Status Status Notes
1 11/23/1999 Beedie Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Mangalore Ganesh Beedie Works Active Press Release
2 07/29/2022 Garments Natchi Apparel (P) Ltd. Inactive 09/07/2022:
CBP marks order as inactive


# Date Merchandise Entities Status Status Notes
1 06/12/1994 Video Games and Connector Plugs Thereof Fuchu Prison; Union Kogyo Co., Ltd. Active Press Release


# Date Merchandise Entities Status Status Notes
1 11/1/2019 Tobacco Tobacco produced in Malawi and products containing tobacco produced in Malawi Partially Active CBP has removed tobacco and products containing tobacco produced in Malawi from the order that are produced by the following:
  • 06/03/2020: Alliance One International removed from the order

  • 07/31/2020:
    Limbe Leaf Tobacco Company Limited (LLTC) removed from the order, 07/31/2020.
  • 05/21/2021:
    Premium Tobacco Malawi Lt (PTML) removed from the order


# Date Merchandise Entities Status Status Notes
6 1/28/2022 Disposable Gloves YTY Industry Holdings Sdn Bhd (YTY Group), including YTY Industry Sdn Bhd, Green Prospect Sdn Bhd, and GP Lumut Inactive Inactive by Memo from Commissioner dated 02/08/2023. Press Release
5 12/20/2021 Disposable Gloves Brightway Holdings Sdn Bhd, Laglove (M) Sdn Bhd, and Biopro (M) Sdn Bhd (collectively, Brightway Group) Active Press Release
4 11/04/2021 Disposable Gloves Smart Glove Inactive Inactive by Memo from Commissioner dated 04/26/2023. Press Release
3 10/21/2021 Disposable Gloves Maxter Glove Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, Maxwell Glove Manufacturing Berhad, and Supermax Glove Manufacturing Active Press Release
32 12/30/2020 Palm Oil & Palm Oil ProductsPalm Oil & Palm Oil
ProductsPalm Oil & Palm Oil Products
Sime Darby Plantation Berhad and its subsidiaries and joint ventures Inactive Inactive by 88 FRN 7451 effective 02/03/2023. | Press Release
1 9/30/2020 Palm Oil & Palm Oil Products FGV Holdings Berhad and its subsidiaries and joint ventures Active Press Release


# Date Merchandise Entities Status Status Notes
1 10/21/2021 Fresh Tomatoes Agropecuarios Tom S.A. de C.V. and Horticola Tom S.A. de C.V. and their subsidiaries Active Press Release


# Date Merchandise Entities Status Status Notes
1 7/21/1998 Carpets, Hand-Knotted Wool Kumar Carpet Pvt., Singhe Carpet Pvt., Ltd., Norsang Carpet Industries Pvt., Ltd., Annapurna Carpet, Everest Carpet, Valley Carpet, and K.K. Carpet Industries; Kathmandu. Partially Active.
  • 10/6/1998.
    Everest Carpet, K.K. Carpet Industries; and Norsang Carpet Industries Pvt., Ltd. removed from the order.

  • 7/23/2021:
    Annapurna Carpet removed from the order


# Date Merchandise Entities Status Status Notes
1 05/18/2018 Cotton All Turkmenistan Cotton or products produced in whole or in part with Turkmenistan cotton. Active


# Date Merchandise Entities Status Status Notes
1 9/30/2019 Artisanal Rough Cut Diamonds Marange Diamond Fields Active Press Release

Fishing Vessels

Fishing Vessels
# Date Merchandise Entities Status Status Notes
5 08/04/2021 Seafood Fishing Vessel: Hangton No. 112 Active Press Release
4 05/26/2021 Seafood Fishing Vessels owned by Dalian Ocean Fishing Co. Ltd. Active Press Release
3 12/31/2020 Seafood Fishing Vessel: Lien Yi Hsing No. 12 Active Press Release
2 8/18/2020 Seafood Fishing Vessel: Da Wang Active Press Release
1 5/11/2020 Seafood Fishing Vessel: Yu Long No. 2 Active Press Release