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Our cutting edge platform, Shapiro 360°, puts all of your shipment details, tailored reporting, Customs and other government data, and compliance consulting under the same microscope. Let’s amplify, chart, and deliver your technological dreams together!

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Don’t just fall into fashion; set the trend! Explore our runway of articles, tips and training guides that are designed to help you make a seamless entrance into the world of international shipping. Visit our Resource Center and become your own logistics icon today!

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Much like your beloved childhood storybook, our blog posts come to life off the page, transforming supply chain challenges and regulatory complexities into incredibly relatable and easy-to-follow stories. Prepare to be transported into unchartered realms!

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At Shapiro, we strive to focus fully on delivering exceptional service to each and every customer. We also believe that actions speak louder than words because our customers give us the steel of approval after a job weld done. Allow us to showcase our remarkably talented crew!

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Like a treasured secret family recipe, our company has been safeguarded and passed down from generation-to-generation with our experienced chefs sprinkling each shipment with the love, dedication, soul, and heart that only a century of experience can bring.

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Shapiro: Cut the Ship – 3:21

Your international cargo shipments did not earn a degree in supply chain management;

they can’t encourage the manufacturers to meet shipping deadlines; they won’t join forces with other shipments to form efficient consolidations; and they can’t choose the best partner for Customs clearance and compliance, freight forwarding or e-commerce shipping solutions.

Frankly, your shipments are helpless.

And, you may feel equally as helpless when listening to all the hype from Shapiro’s competition: This one is owned by a steamship line; this one owns an airplane; this one blocks the chain and chains all the blocks; and this one cries “wee wee wee” all the way home.

Since 1915, Shapiro has built its company on what really matters:

Intelligent cargo solutions on a foundation of trust.

You need partners you know you can rely on, even in tough times. At Shapiro, we combine nimble technology, creative designs, and a culture of continuous improvement to implement a scalable, powerful supply chain arsenal for growing companies like yours. And, it all sits on a platform of rock-solid Customs and participating government agency (PGA) compliance.

That’s why we say, “We deliver. Problem solved.” Our motto is more than
just marketing. It’s the way we operate. Every day.

Customs Brokerage

While Customs brokerage is typically an afterthought for the big-boy forwarders and 3PLs, you can’t afford that luxury. From enormous fines to diminished market access to good ol’ bad press, the penalties for poor Customs compliance truly pack a punch. It’s easy to miss something if you don’t know the ropes. Well, we know the ropes.

The key to modern Customs brokerage is the elegant application of technology. Shapiro understands the value of building data tables controlled by licensed experts and using system edits to electronically verify all data inputs. We’re big believers in eliminating redundancies and keystroke errors by trading all crucial information electronically whenever possible.

Regulatory Compliance Consulting

Shapiro’s diverse roster of customers includes Customs attorneys, importers of all shapes and sizes, and exporters of a wide range of products. The shipping regulations and laws have always been complex, but the modern shipper faces unprecedented government oversight and transactional transparency. Frankly, the risks have never been greater. Fortunately, Shapiro’s excellent compliance reputation extends from U.S. Customs (CBP), to all PGA that regulate trade, to our industry … to your industry. We have a one-of-a-kind Classification Advisory Module, and we offer a wide range of regulatory compliance products, including C-TPAT services. Our regulatory tools and offerings are passionately delivered by our growing compliance division, peopled by some of the geekiest experts in the shipping business.

Freight Forwarding

When you entrust your supply chain logistics and freight forwarding to Shapiro, you receive the best efforts of the finest team of professionals in the freight business. We co-author all of our flexible solutions with you and your team; we also develop the specific metrics, exception reporting, and audits you require to expand your business by allowing you to focus beyond the freight. Shapiro’s DNA propels us to design specific answers for the specific needs of importers and exporters while accepting that the pace of change in logistics and business is only accelerating. You can count on us for superior performance when it comes to supply chain logistics because we connect with our customers as friends– and we happen to care about our friends.

Amazon FBA, E-commerce

Amazon fulfillment shipping is a key part of many companies’ e-commerce strategy. FBA shipping requires speed, accuracy and total visibility to ensure compliance with Amazon’s shifting business rules. For China, Japan, Europe, and all other Amazon markets, you can count on Shapiro to meet your Amazon FBA shipment commitments consistently and effectively. And, should you need to pull merchandise out of an FC or export product to a new market, we have a crew of problem solvers set up to execute on your behalf.

The e-commerce sun does not rise and set on Amazon alone. Established importers are looking to broaden their distribution channels, and FBA shippers are seeking to move an egg or two out of that one famous basket. At Shapiro, we believe that one size fits but one company, and we love to match the complex needs of the growing e-commerce shipper with the right combination of truckers, warehouses, and fulfillment companies to best serve your new populations of buyers.

Purchase Order Management

Shapiro’s Purchase Order Management (POM) and vendor management products are designed to offer customers full flexibility, full control, and absolute end-to-end visibility of your supply chain. For many forwarders and 3PLs, you are expected to use their system as is, no matter how cumbersome that may be.

Let’s face it: Too much information is just as bad as too little. Shapiro’s suite of 360° tools are built and maintained in-house and designed to quench your thirst for data while understanding that your data requirements will remain fluid.

Getting to Know Shapiro

We strive for customer satisfaction in everything we do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun along the way. Or, spread some of our knowledge. We don’t mind sharing.

That’s why we run free webinars and offer a wide range of free resources — so you can learn more about supply chain management, freight forwarding, regulatory compliance, e-commerce fulfillment, cargo shipping and the all-important Amazon fulfillment shipping.

Or, call to learn more about what it’s like to work with us. To know that when you need us, we’re there.

Then relax. We deliver. Problem solved.

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Your satisfaction is our passion. Our dedicated team designs solutions that cater to your dreams while obeying your bottom line. The name of the game is cargo control, and we deliver a culture of relentless problem solving and continuous improvement.

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