We don’t know about you, but we think one of the very worst aspects of doing business is the over-promise. What is called a sales pitch or slight embellishment in some circles is called a flat out lie by most of us. With that in mind, Shapiro hereby confesses that we do not own warehouses, and we do not own trucks either.


What we do own matters more than physical assets; what we own is 100 years of experience and the business integrity to match the right resources to the right job at a fair margin.

Because of the tremendous overhead costs, there are two things the asset-based freight forwarders don’t like to mention:

  • The big shots always put tremendous pressure on the mid-level managers to utilize the assets. This is bad for you because that pressure means that no one is looking out for your best interests; too often they’re looking out for their own neck!   There is simply too much incentive to bring your cargo to their warehouse, whether they have the best facility for your supply chain or not.
  • The fixed costs of their warehouse do not always promote a fair pricing environment.   It can be too tempting for those beleaguered mid-level managers to pay for their assets with your cargo (rather than using competitive market-based pricing).

At Shapiro, our 100 years of experience has earned us a global network of potential vendors for your cargo, and that network has been vetted for quality, scope of service, and reliability.  For many of you, low cost is the name of the game. For others, specialized services and low cost are what you need. We have no incentive to place the wrong cargo in the wrong hands at the wrong price. In fact, we prefer “cost plus” pricing for warehousing and distribution services. We find that completely open cost and service analyses build the correct spirit of partnership and collaboration with our customers. We play the matchmaker for your cargo; together, we design affordable solutions, providing you with reliable service and full visibility. Our goal is to create supply chain efficiencies for your business.

Please note the following (partial) list of services you may need in the coming months:

  • Consolidation
  • Pick and Pack
  • Deconsolidation
  • Insurance Inspection
  • Storage
  • Carton Labeling
  • Strip and Ship
  • Product Labeling

Let’s design your solutions together using best-in-breed strategies across your supply chain.

Please reach out to get the conversation started.