No freight forwarders

Everybody else calls it “freight forwarding,” but that term does not even begin to convey the level of shipment control possible in the modern era of logistics.  And, let’s face it, the freight forwarding industry has a bad reputation for some pretty compelling reasons.

Complaints we often hear about those “crummy and disreputable” freight forwarders:

  • My customer service contact changes all the time
  • My forwarders pass on market increases, but it takes months to see decreases
  • My forwarder always has somebody else to blame for delays or extra expenses or anything that disrupts my supply chain

At Shapiro, we are not only proud of our Company, but we are proud of our professional role in your supply chain. We passionately aspire to change the negative perception of our profession, one customer at a time.

Main ingredients of Shapiro cargo management:

  • Reliance on comprehensive (yet tailored) technology to suit your commodity, mode of transport, trade lane, and internal reporting needs
  • High standards for our staff, from recruiting to education and training, to career development and employee empowerment
  • Shapiro GlobalFlex™ agent network, a flexible yet powerful line-up of global alliances built for the diverse needs of a diverse customer base
  • Honest pricing and profit, updated as promptly in a decreasing market as an increasing market

Our core services:

  • Ocean FCL and LCL
  • Emerging Markets Logistics
  • Air Cargo
  • Foreign to Foreign
  • Cross-Border
  • Cargo Consolidation/Deconsolidation
  • Sea-Air and Air-Sea
  • Project Cargo
  • Charters
  • Door-Door Services
  • Logistics Design
  • Cargo Insurance

In essence, we strive to be nothing like the other guys.   After all, we are in the cargo management business.   What’s a freight forwarder?


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