A university within a logistics operation

Why not!

As a customer, you count on Shapiro U to stay informed and protect your business.  As an employee, you count on Shapiro U to keep your skills fresh, to keep you engaged, and to ensure that you never stop learning.

Shapiro U is an organized, interactive program that provides a host of classes in every discipline in our industry.  It works much like any university: We have a course catalog; we have semesters; and we have online registration.   Many of our course offerings are web-based, allowing students to work at their own pace, monitor their progress, and to schedule study at a time that is convenient.  Depending on your career path, you will have required classes to make sure you are fully prepared to handle what comes your way.  But, if you feel like branching out in a new direction, you can try some elective courses.  Our rich course catalog provides a range of classes, classroom and online-based, to give you the tools you need and want to grow personally and professionally.

What you get is a better, stronger you.  What we get is a happier, more engaged employee.  And what our customer gets is a knowledgeable, creative, and forward-thinking team.  It’s hard not to love a win-win-win!

In other words, we don’t just hire the best and the brightest in the industry.  We invest in them.  In fact, it’s a core Shapiro value.

Check out our careers page and contact us to enroll today.

Knock, knock.

Who’s there? We are! Yes, we have a lot to say (passionately so), but the truth is that we'd much rather hear from you. Whether you have an idea, a suggestion, or want to request Shapiro U training, reach out. We're here and we're listening.

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