Fueling your vessel.

“A ‘university’ within a logistics operation,” you ask? Why not!

Our customers are not only the smartest and best looking in the industry. They choose wisely.

Our customers have wisely chosen a Customs broker who offers them on-site seminars to help their staff take advantage of government programs and to fly straight on the regulations directly affecting their business. They’re even wiser when they visit our whitepaper library.

Our customers are smarter than the rest because their freight forwarder provides them with low-cost webinars on cargo consolidation, sourcing trends, and the (cargo) cost of tea from China.

Our customers’ freight forwarder and Customs broker are one company called Shapiro.

We’re proud of our efforts to provide quality education options for our many clients and Shapiro teammates. With private seminars, public seminars, webinars, on-line courses, and collaborative relationships with industry experts inside and outside our walls, Shapiro aims to deliver education from a 360° degree platform.

Our candid, engaged staff told us to expand and improve, and we listened. Our clients told us to bring more of our expertise to them in more modern ways, and we listened.

So, listen up. You are the key to our university. Your thoughtful input on subject matter, educational methods, and training scheduling is important to us.

You are Shapiro U.

Knock, knock.

Who’s there? We are! Yes, we have a lot to say (passionately so), but the truth is that we'd much rather hear from you. Whether you have an idea, a suggestion, or want to request Shapiro U training, reach out. We're here and we're listening.

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