Throughout this website, we have highlighted the differences between the largest freight forwarders (Goliath) and the good guys holding the slingshots at Shapiro. We have gone on to offer some reasons why asset-based forwarders may have too much to lose by correctly matching solutions to your needs. We believe that the forwarders with their own trucks have an implicit conflict of interest. We also believe that a true cargo management professional has an obligation to match your transit, cost, and service needs with the best available solution in a very large and diverse marketplace. How on Earth can a company that has invested in trucks and the huge costs of inland carrier insurance not offer their own trucks as the best option? They simply can’t.

Girl with slingshot

At Shapiro, our 100 years of experience has earned us a country-wide network of inland freight vendors for your cargo.  Our network is both muscular and flexible. While many American truckers are pretty good at Point A/Point B movements, Shapiro adds nuanced expertise to the equation by blending the needs of your international and domestic supply chains. We understand that you need the domestic rate and transit that best matches your requirements. But we also understand that you need the links in your chain to flow smoothly from origin inland cartage to international shipment and back to inland cartage for delivery. Most truckers aren’t ready for that game. We’re ready.



Please note the following (partial) list of the domestic modes we can manage on your behalf:

  • LTL (Ocean cargo)
  • FTL
  • LTL (Air cargo)
  • Special Equipment
  • Drayage/FCL
  • Project Cargo
  • Local cartage
  • Distribution (from Warehousing)
  • Line-haul
  • U.S. Rail
Our goal is to build integrated solutions that create efficiencies throughout your cargo’s lifecycle. Let’s talk.