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Propelling Possibilities:
Expert Airfreight Services for
Seamless Cargo Transportation

Airfreight’s lightening-fast transits make it the ideal solution for urgent projects, perishable cargo, and high-value/high-security shipments. Shapiro’s global network of trusted air carriers and best-in-breed agents allow you to say goodbye to turbulent service, bumpy routings, sky high costs, and the soaring frustrations of mediocre service providers. You’ll be flying first class with our comprehensive logistics, technology, compliance, and Customs services all ensuring a smooth journey for you and your cargo!

Sky-High Service

Buckle up for an adventure in the clouds with our airfreight shipping services, where we navigate the high winds and soar past the competition! Unlike the slow sail of ocean freight, our jets zoom through the jet streams, delivering your goods faster than ever. At Shapiro, you’re the captain of your supply chain, charting a course through the dynamic skies of international logistics. Just as a pilot adjusts to the ever-changing weather, we adapt our services to meet your unique shipping needs, ensuring a smooth and timely journey from takeoff to touchdown.

Elevate your logistics with our precision-guided airfreight solutions that keep your business flying high!

The Benefits Shipping by Air with Shapiro

Airfreight Services

In the dynamic world of air cargo, flexibility and a diverse array of solutions are crucial to meet the varying needs of shipping. From comprehensive, streamlined door-to-door service designs to efficient cargo consolidation services that optimize space and cost, our approach is tailored for maximum efficiency and cost savings. Services we offer include:

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Standardized Storage Methods

Airfreight containers, also known as Unit Load Devices (ULDs) have several standardized storage methods that may be complicated for even seasoned air shippers. Our guide lists and illustrates the average external dimensions and weight limitations of the primary containers in use today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Airfreight refers to the transportation of goods via an aircraft. It is a shipping method chosen for its speed and efficiency, ideal for transporting high-value, low-cube, or urgent shipments over long distances.

The chargeable weight for airfreight is calculated based on the higher of two figures: the actual gross weight of the shipment or its volumetric (dimensional) weight. For specifics, check out our guide here.

Air cargo is often considered safer than ocean freight due to its shorter transit times, which reduces exposure to risks such as theft or damage. Airports and aircraft adhere to strict security measures and controlled handling environments, minimizing potential threats. Additionally, air shipments generally involve less handling and are subject to rigorous international security regulations, enhancing the safety of the goods transported.

The duration for air cargo delivery can vary based on several factors including the distance, the specific routes used, and the logistics at both the origin and destination airports. Typically, international airfreight might take between 2 to 8 days. This includes the time for cargo preparation, export formalities, flight duration, Customs clearance, and delivery from the airport to final destinations.

While so many (including Google) believe that it is air freight, this is incorrect.  Air freight is a shipment of air sent by any form of transportation.   Air freight is not heavy certainly, but we hope that you shippers know that air freight and airfreight are different and won’t take this lightly!   Air freight pricing is always by volume; airfreight pricing can be by weight or by volume.

More Than a Freight Forwarder

We give customers the feel of their very own logistics department. We’re not just here to serve the A to B needs of moving freight but also to learn about your supply chain and grow with you. Check out how below:

Elevate Your Freight Technology!

Full Party Alignment of Goals and Expectations

Access to collaborative brainstorms and meetings, as well as a plethora of educational training sessions for your team.

Streamlined Communications

One repository that captures full communications and shipment details, from supplier booking to delivery.

Exception Transparency

Visibility of issues that you have designated to be exceptions and worthy of your attention.

Full Supply Chain Visibility

Visibility of exams, testing, and any other shipment milestones that you deem important to your supply chain.

Performance Measurements

Important information and performance metrics that are tailored to your goals – from compliance to cargo specifics.

Airfreight Conversion Table and Calculations

Air Freight, Sea Freight and Air/Sea Combination services can be calculated and quickly compared using our Air/Sea Freight Conversion Table.