Set sail.

Designing effective solutions for your supply chain can feel like navigating in rocky waters. The key to success is having a captain who understands your broader business objectives and is both collaborative in approach and flexible in design. Shapiro lives this. We know that our products cannot simply offer complete visibility, total control, and peak efficiency; they must also be intuitive, accommodating, and before their time.

We take it one step further. We think. We act. And, we think again.

Step 1: All hands on deck.

On-boarding Shapiro to your supply chain delivers a crew of smart and innovative logistics minds. It means white-boarding, erasing, and white-boarding again until, together, we design a uniquely tailored system that answers your logistics puzzle.

Step 2: Set your course.

We all know that businesses and shipments come in various shapes and sizes. Additionally, we know that your supply chain demands solutions that vary from one product to the next, from one supplier to the next, and from one moment in time to the next. Imagine a smart, flexible provider who evaluates the changing seas, who considers the many variables of your cargo, who creatively constructs routings that meet your cost and transit requirements. Imagine Shapiro at the helm.

Step 3: Raise your sail.

A successful journey begins and ends with rigorous planning and relentless preparation. Together, we’ll name the best metrics, the right goals, and the smartest designs. Our main purpose is to help you defeat your competition …by dominating ours.

Step 4: Smooth sailing.

For most voyages, smooth sailing is followed by rough seas, which is followed by more smooth sailing and, invariably, by more rough seas. The cycle repeats, and it repeats again! With your dedication to continuous improvement and our forward-technology, our forward-processes, and our forward-forwarding, what’s stopping us from breaking the vicious cycle? Smooth sailing should—and can—be followed by more smooth sailing.

Step 5: The margarita.

Sip. Enjoy. You are in very good hands.

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