Supply Chain Reactions

A Condensed Update For American Shippers
Issue Date: October 14, 2021

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Drewry Forecasts Steamship Industry Profits of $300B for 2021

ShapLight Focus: Hapag-Lloyd made $3.3B in the first 6 months of 2021 while Cosco put $10.5B on the board through Q3; not to be outdone, Maersk has estimated final profits at $15B for 2021

  • The World Trade Organization (WTO) has upgraded its annual forecast to 10.8% growth for global merchandise trade
  • American imports should eclipse 26 million TEUs in 2021; this will obliterate the previous record of 22 million TEUs in 2020
  • It is estimated that more than a third of the world’s 25 million shipping containers and 6,000 merchant ships are “dislocated” and not in the right place to properly handle cargo
  • The top 10 steamship lines now handle more than 85% of the world’s commercial cargo
  • The Asia-to-US trade (Transpacific) now deploys 21% of the world’s capacity and has tied the Asia-to-Europe trade as the world’s largest
  • There are currently 28 vessels anchored an average of 10 days outside Los Angeles; when you add Long Beach, the number of vessels in the harbor is well above 50

US Trade Representative Evaluating Reinstatement of 301 Exclusions

ShapLight Focus: The office of the USTR will consider arguments for reinstatement of the 549 commodities on a case-by-case basis, and they made it clear that any duty relief will only apply to cargo entered on October 12th and later

  • After linking passage of the physical infrastructure spending bill to a much larger “human infrastructure” bill, both measures have stalled in The House with the vote now suspended until October 30th
  • The Senate Judiciary Committee interviewed Jonathan Kanter, the nominee for Assistant Attorney General for the DOJ’s Antitrust Division who has built a reputation for vigorous antitrust enforcement to protect US agriculture; Kanter appears to have bi-partisan support, and his appointment would be another indication that the shipping industry should expect more regulation enforcement in future
  • On January 1, widespread changes to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) are scheduled to be implemented with particularly impactful changes for electronics, textiles, and wood products; the changes will affect classifications at the 4-digit and 6-digit levels for participating countries worldwide

Air Cargo Yields Rocket to 100% of Airline Profits

ShapLight Focus: After averaging 12% of global airline profits from 2010-2019, air cargo now accounts for 100% of airline profits; IATA estimates 2021 year-end air cargo revenue will reach an impressive $175B, while passenger operations are set to lose over $225B

  • Looking to charter a freighter? The average capacity of a 747 freighter gets you about 12 x 40HC of space, if you can average 22,000 lbs. per container and fork over $1.5-2.8M
  • September airfreight results in 2021 vs. 2019: 1% demand growth + 13% capacity decline = 80% rate increases
  • As we gnash our teeth over ocean carrier profits, DHL (owned by Deutsche Post) has announced YTD profits over $6.6B; they expect Q4 to push them over $10B for 2021
  • Speaking of couriers, integrators, and Amazon, please note the total aircraft owned and operated by companies famous for e-commerce logistics:
    • FedEx: 685
    • UPS: 284
    • DHL: 250
    • Amazon: 74
    • US Postal: 0
  • Global dynamic load factors (derived from a combination of weight and space) reached a lofty 70% in October, and the industry expects levels of 80% or greater in Q4

As We Compare the Fate of Cargo and Passenger Results for Airlines, Please Note our Chart of the Issue:

Global Airlines Revenue Chart | Supply Chain Reactions

US Transportation Wins 135,000 Jobs, While Trucking Loses

135,000 transportation jobs in September including 31,000 in warehousing and 22,000 in courier; unfortunately, the US trucking industry lost close to 2,000 jobs over the same time period

  • Citing deep recruitment problems, early retirements, and COVID-cancelled driving schools, the Minnesota Trucking Association estimates that the US has a trucker shortage of 60,000 and growing
  • During National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee voted down an amendment that would have provided $1B for trucking parking projects
  • The Cass Linehaul Index indicates a nearly 13% increase in FTL pricing in September 2021 vs. 2020
  • A wheel inside a (broken) wheel: many trucking companies have expressed alarm over shipping delays and costs associated with repair parts for their fleets

Please note our ‘Orange Crush’ Map of US Drayage Backlogs:

Ocean Import Freight Rate Trend Charts

Ocean Import FAK Rates to US West Coast (per 40’):
Ocean Import FAK Rates to US East Coast (per 40’):

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Supply Chain Reactions

When looking at ocean carrier commercial practices…

Supply Chain Reactions | Mother Teresa Emoji

“It’s not about how much you do but how much profit you put in what you do that counts.”

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As port truckers view the playing field…

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As we all look at 2022 shipping realities…

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Shap Fact of the Issue:

The US per capita value of imports per year has eclipsed $8,000 and exceeded $5,000 for exports (both all-time highs). Based on a GDP per capita of approximately $64,000, this means that more than 20% of our economic destiny is directly connected to international trade

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