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Month: January 2018

Simply VAT Guest Blog: HRME Is Clamping Down on Non-Compliant Non-UK Online Retailers. Have You Been or Are You Going to be Affected?

What you need to know? HMRC are currently approaching both sellers directly and via the marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay searching for non-VAT compliant non-UK sellers. What are they looking for?  If you are a non-resident UK business and hold stock in the UK, either in a 3PL center such as Amazon FBA, you […]

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Five Updated Reasons You Should Buy Your Imports on FOB Terms

Due to the popularity of The Nine Reasons that Buying Your Imports on CIF Terms is Too Good to Be True blog, we wanted to release an update covering why you should buy your imports on FOB terms. At first glance, it can be tempting to buy on a CIF (Cost, Insurance & Freight) basis. You don’t […]

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