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Quotation Disclaimer


Our estimate of current charges is based on cargo information supplied by you. Tendering cargo against this quotation will constitute acceptance of the quotation. Should this change, our estimate of charges will change accordingly.

Quoted rates are based on standard service and subject to space availability at the time of booking. Upgrade to higher service level and price may be required if your shipment has a specific deadline. We recommend booking this shipment as soon as possible to ensure best option/service is available for your most important shipment.

Subject to vessel/airline space and equipment availability at the time of booking.

Export shipments will require a fully completed and signed Power of Attorney and a signed Shapiro Terms & Conditions prior to moving the first shipment.

Unless otherwise specified, the minimum Insurance charge is $35. The insurance rate above is calculated on an insurable value that consists of the sum of the value of the goods + cost of freight and any associated duty, taxes, or fees multiplied by 110% as per freight insurance industry standards. Insurance is optional and subject to approval by the underwriters.

Unless otherwise specified on the quote, delivery rate is based on dock-high door, no inside delivery and shipment being tendered “ready for carriage” on a fork-lift able platform/skid/crate. Special services such as appointment, inside, lift gate, etc. is available upon request at an extra charge. Terminal waiting charges will be billed back at cost if applicable.

The drayage/trucking rate is subject to driver availability. Additional charges may apply to ensure timely delivery/pickup based on trucker availability. Shipment may be subject to detention, demurrage, or per diem if allotted free time is exceeded.  The trucking quote is based on a live load/unload, which includes two hours free time for loading/unloading, thereafter subject to hourly fees at the discretion of the trucker (call your Shapiro representative for details as needed).

This quote is subject to Destination Charges and they are not included in the above freight rates unless noted as such. Unless otherwise specified on the quote, this quote excludes, customs duties, and taxes.

Shippers are responsible for packing, blocking and bracing all shipments in seaworthy containers prior to shipment for ocean transport. Unless otherwise specified, all full container rates are quoted on a “per container” basis only. All full container rates are quoted based on legal weight and non-hazardous terms per USA State DOT Regulations unless otherwise noted. Foreign Services quoted in Foreign Currency are quoted at current rate of exchange plus CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor) and subject to the exchange rate in effect at the time of billing. Fuel Surcharges are quoted at today’s rate. This rate is subject to change daily due to ever-changing fuel costs, including Bunker Fuel. Fuel Surcharges will be billed at the rate for the date of the actual shipment. Transit times are estimated and are subject to change.

Samuel Shapiro and Company, Inc does not bear the responsibility of damaged containers as they are the responsibility of the trucking company and/or the shipper to report timely prior to loading cargo, or at time of occurrence during loading.

The shipper is responsible for dry run fees and any additional costs once the container is accepted for loading. This includes if the container is loaded knowing that damage exists, either from events prior to the empty being placed at the shipper’s premises, or while the shipper was loading the container.

In the event that a shipper/customer finds that a shipping container is damaged upon arrival at the shipper/customer’s premises and is rejected so that the shipper turns the empty container away, the following actions must be taken:

  • Shipper must provide proof of damage to Shapiro by providing detailed comments and photos of the damage.
  • The trucker must be notified by Shapiro immediately, and shipper comments and photos must be shared with them as soon as they are available.
  • If the damages were not visible and only noticeable while loading, the trucker could implement a dry run fee or levy additional costs, which will be the shipper’s responsibility to pay. In these instances, Shapiro will do their best to help mitigate these charges with the trucker and process a claim with the Ocean Carrier; but the final amount will be passed through to the shipper.
  • If the damages were visible and Shapiro finds that the trucker didn’t check for visible damages after leaving the port terminal, then the trucker should not impose any dry run or additional charges and return the container to the port terminal at no extra cost.
  • In any case, the shipping line must be contacted by Shapiro so they know that the container will be returned due to damage, and shippers’ comments and photos will be provided as proof.

A $50 correction fee will apply on customer generated changes to master B/L’s. Additionally, trade specific and/or destination correction fees may also apply. An additional courier fee may also apply at cost.

ISPM 15 Wood Packing Material regulations apply. Any wood materials used for crating, pallets or dunnage must be certified and marked to comply with ISPM 15 regulations. Failure to use correctly marked wood packing materials could result in shipment being rejected on arrival at destination country.

Due to the possibility of a discrepancy with the information provided when obtaining an estimated cost and the actual information determined at the time of shipment, the freight charges provided are not binding. Possible factors affecting the actual cost include, but are not limited to, weight, cube, classification, zip codes, tariff or contract terms/conditions and additional services required to complete pickup, international transit, and delivery.  ***Rates provided do not guarantee space or capacity provided by the carrier. Rates may be subject to congestion surcharges added by the carrier for calling certain port terminals that may be unknown at the time of quotation. Availability will need to be confirmed and destination terminal location must be confirmed upon booking.***

Your business is undertaken subject to the applicable Federal Regulations and under Samuel Shapiro and Company, Inc’s Terms and Conditions of Service. Grantor hereby acknowledges receipt of Samuel Shapiro and Company, Inc’s Terms and Conditions of Service, as may be amended, and agrees to abide by same including the limitation of liability contained therein. A copy may be found on our website (www.shapiro.com) and is available upon request at no charge. – OTI License #000017NF (Revised – November 2004)