Importer Security Filing: 7 ISF Best Practices You Shouldn’t Ignore

Jane Taeger, Shapiro Director of Compliance, warns importers of the dangers of improper ISF filing.

The Importer Security Filing (ISF) began in January 2009 with a one-year introductory phase-in period. Full enforcement began in January 2010, but Customs and Border Protection (CBP) maintained a flexible and measured enforcement stance.

Penalty guidelines were published in July 2009, but Customs held off doing anything until July 2013 when they announced they would begin full enforcement for real and start issuing liquidated damages against ISF importers and carriers for non-compliance.

Liquidated damages (essentially penalties backed up by a Customs bond) are being issued, but the ports must submit the cases to CBP for review first. This will be the procedure at least until mid-2014. HQ has rejected multiple cases from the ports, but has issued penalties against egregious ISF offenders.

Liquidated damages for ISF start at $5000 for failure to file an ISF; $5000 for late ISF; $5000 for inaccurate ISF; $5000 for an incomplete ISF; and $5000 for failure to withdraw an ISF. The maximum liquidated damages per ISF filing is $10,000.

ISF Filing Requirements: Best Practices

Now that Customs is in full enforcement mode with real liquidated damages for real money, we recommend the following best practices for your ISF program:

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute:  ISF must be filed at least 24 hours prior to vessel departure. File the ISF as soon as you are able. Make sure to get the information to the filer no later than 72 hours prior to sailing. This will allow time for holidays and weekends.
  2. Use a template:  Save time and reduce your likelihood for errors by using a template.  If you don’t have one, use our Import Security Filing ISF Template.
  3. Hold your suppliers responsible:  Build language into your vendor manuals, purchase orders, contracts, letters of credit, etc., with your ISF expectations to hold your suppliers accountable for providing the ISF data and providing it timely. If you receive a penalty for a late ISF, make sure you have a clause that will require the supplier to take responsibility for the cost if they are at fault.
  4. Use a continuous bond: A Customs continuous entry bond will cover both the ISF and the Customs entry. If you do not have a continuous bond, you will need a separate ISF bond for each filing. If the ISF is late, the surety company will likely ask for collateral of $5000 to secure the bond. Need a continuous bond?  Contact us.
  5. Don’t be afraid to amend your ISF filing:  Update the ISF if you need to amend any information. Do not sacrifice a timely ISF by deleting it and refiling late. ISFs can be updated at any point up to the time the cargo arrives in the U.S.
  6. Get a bill of lading (B/L) match:  Make sure you get a bill of lading match at least 24 hours prior to cargo arrival. If you get an “AMS Bill Not on File” message, do not resend the ISF to try to force a match. Do double-check the bill of lading number to be sure it is correct and is the lowest level bill number on file in Automated Manifest System (AMS). If it is, the match will occur once the carrier files the manifest. If the vessel sails and a couple of days later you still don’t have a match, then you should contact your supplier to verify the bill of lading information.
  7. Monitor your monthly ISF progress report:  The party filing your ISF receives these reports through their Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) portal and should be forwarding them to you. The reports detail the number and types of errors occurring as well as your ISF on time percentage.

For more information on ISF, download What You Need to Know About Importer Security Filing (ISF).

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  • Basaria

    Hi jane.
    May i ask you? I just realized, i sent ISF on 5 oct which mother vessel departured on 3oct. It will be any pinalties from us custom for late submission? While our AMS status already MATCHED.
    Please adv asap

  • Shapiro

    Hi Basaria,

    Late penalties for late ISF filings can range from $5,000 for the first infraction to $10,000 for each additional late filing. While CBPs enforcement of late/unfiled entries is still inconsistent, the grace period for penalties has passed.

    If your AMS status is MATCHED, you will have to wait until the shipment arrives if any penalties will be assessed.

  • dziugas

    Hello dear
    I’m later with ISF filling about 4 days, Please advise any steps or company could help to sort this out with min penalty.

  • Shapiro

    Sorry to hear about your late ISF filing.

    We advise that you contact your broker immediately to have them file the ISF, if you have not already done so.

    Unfiled or late filed ISF’s get flagged for hold if not filed properly but at this time, we are unsure if a penalty will occur, but moving forward, we recommend that you make the necessary changes to your supply chain to ensure that your ISFs are filed timely.

    Please let us know if you need anything at all.

  • Grace

    Hi Jane,
    I’m engaged in a NVOCC company, I found out I was a little bit late for filing ISF, the container on board time was 11 Dec. 21:00, but the ISF matched time was 11 Dec. 8:13 a.m., and I got 1y message on 10 Dec.20:57.
    Really anxious about the $5000 penalty will be assessed… Is there any way to know in advance if I’ll be charged? How long will we receive the bill after the US custom decides to make the fine happen? Thank you for your reply.

  • Shapiro

    Good afternoon Grace,

    The actual ruling states that ISF must be filed 48 hours before the shipment is on the final vessel to the U.S. With that in mind, you can email your freight forwarder to confirm if the shipment is transshipping or not, first.

    In addition, you are also only a few hours behind the ‘cut-off’ time so I don’t think your shipment will receive the penalty as it is being assessed against more egregious offenders. Just note that your shipment may receive an examination upon arriving to the U.S.

    We hope this helps and wish you the best of holidays!

  • Richard

    How you doing , , can i do my ISF by myself , and in case is yes ,, i would like to go to any office you guys have to check if i fill it in the write way , thanks i appreciate your help.
    By the way i live in New Jersey and my merchandiser will come by newrr airport,
    best regards

  • Shapiro

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    While importers can choose to file their own ISF, it is very important that you understand what information is required so the ISF can be filed correctly and timely. We handle ISF filings for many of our customers, but we cannot offer the service of checking to ensure your ISF is correct.

    We recommend that you enlist the assistance of a customs broker to assist with the filing process if you are unsure about the accuracy.

  • Alaa

    Regarding the late filing penalties , Does it matter if the cargo total value is $1000 or $100,000 ?
    I am filing ISF today and the shipment is leaving today itself.

  • Shapiro

    Hi Alaa,

    We’re sorry to hear about the late ISF filing for your shipment.

    The dollar value of the goods does not matter since any ocean import shipment is required to have the ISF filed 24-72 hours prior to the vessel departure.

    You may not end up with any penalties for the late filing, but we would recommend that you contact your customs broker immediately for more information.

    Thanks for reaching out!

  • shelia

    We have a broker we go thru to submit our ISF forms to customs for matches. If the information we send them on original does not match when they send back to us their copy of ISF sent to customs: ex(ship to party, consolidator or selling party) is this an issue with customs? Doesn’t all the information have to match for the arrival and pick up at port?

  • Shapiro

    Hi Shelia,

    The information that is needed to file ISF properly must match what is listed on the original shipping documents. If the information is incorrect, you may experience issues with exams in the future if it is caught by Customs.

    We recommend that contact your broker and supplier to ensure that the information filed for ISF matches so you remain compliant with Customs.

  • Marian

    For ISF filling, if the information was wrong such as vessel, container no. seal no. so ISF still complete with filling?

  • Shapiro

    Hi Marian,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    The information filled for ISF must reflect the correct information on the shipment.

    If there are discrepancies, even though the ISF was filled on time, the probability of the shipment being flagged for exam will be higher.

    We recommend that you work with your supplier and customs broker to ensure the ISF information being filed is correct.


    hi, is penalty is real for late filing? this is my first time our isf filed late.

  • Shapiro

    Hi Maricel,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    The penalty for ISF is not something to be taken lightly. Customs has been less tolerant of late ISF filings over the past year, but you may not be fined this time. We recommend that you contact your broker immediately to ensure everything has been filed correctly and also set up protocols to remain compliant with CBP standards moving forward.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Alberto


    I sent an ISF after 4 days the sailing date (shipment sailed on 13th November 2016 – I sent ISF only on 17th November 2016 and it was filed the same day by the broker). AMS wasn’t done by us (NVOCC) but directly by shipping line.
    Now shipment has arrived at POD and container already returned empty at POD terminal (Houston) on 15th December 2016.
    Can you please assure me that there won’t be penalties on our account? I’m really worried and I want to be sure.

    Thank you for your kind reply and Merry Christmas!

  • Shapiro

    Hi Alberto,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    You will be notified by CBP is there is a fine associated with the late ISF filing. We recommend that you contact your broker to ensure your future ISFs are filed timely and accurately to avoid issues like this one. Your broker may also be able to let you know if this particular ISF filing involved a penalty.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Anthony

    I had FedEx trade networks file my ISF 3 days prior to the departure of my vessel however my supplier notified me that FedEx trade network never filed. The shipment has now set sail and I ended up asking my supplier overseas to file ISF for me (on the same day as departure).

    I’m extremely worried about the fine. Is there any way I can find out if I will get a fine? And if I do end up getting a fine, what can I do to explain the situation to the CBP?


  • Shapiro

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    We recommend that you verify with the supplier that the ISF was indeed filed prior to the vessel sailing. You can also contact your Customs broker to ensure they have not received any notifications on the possible late ISF filing.

    Good luck in obtaining this information and we hope that no penalties occur!

  • Hi

    Is it we have to bear the penalties if routine changes by carrier without given any notice to us.My shipment now suddenly change the POD from Prince Rupert to Los Angeles which
    etd US on 15/June and ISF submit on 08/June.As my understand that ISF mut be filled
    3 days / 72 hours before vessel entering transhipment port which now in my case vessel had transit at Shanghai port on 28/May.
    Now we rcvd notice from US agent that possibility will have penalty due to late ISF filled.
    Any solutions on this?

  • Htarr

    Hi! Pls advice me that who can be filed AMS?

  • Shapiro

    Hi Htarr,

    Thanks for reaching out to Shapiro!

    The Automated Manifest System (AMS) is used only for the processing of electronic manifests and must be filed at least 24 hours prior to the cargo arrival. Your customs broker or freight forwarder can file AMS on your behalf.

  • Shapiro

    The official rule states that ISF must be filed and accepted 24-72 hours before the shipment leaves the last port for transit to the U.S. As long as ISF was filed, it can be updated to reflect the correct information. We suggest you obtain the full final routing information for the shipment as well as the ISF submission confirmation from ACE. I have included links below to showcase how you can create and ACE Portal account as well as how to access your ISF filing information.

    If you believe that the issues were caused by you forwarder or the carrier and you cannot resolve the situation, you can call the general CBP Client Representative number at 571-468-5500.

    We hope you can get the situation resolved without having to pay any penalties.

  • Lorraine

    If I have a continuous bond, will I still get fined if my ISF is filed after the vessel has sailed?

  • Bella

    Hi! Please help me advise this problem. I had a shipment with ETD: 29-June and already sent ISF 72 hours prior to sailing. However till 01-JUL, I found out the info of container# wrong. On the other hand, the shipment will be on the final mother vessel heading to US in 03-JUL. So if I implement sending out revised ISF in 01-JUL, is there any charges that will be assessed ? Thank you so much

  • Shapiro

    Hi Lorraine,

    You could still be fined for a late ISF filing even if you have a continuous bond.

    We recommend that you contact your broker to have the ISF filed immediately. Your broker may also be able to tell you if you were penalized for the late filing.

    Good luck!

  • Shapiro

    Hi Bella,

    Your customs broker/forwarder may charge for amending the ISF, but you will need to contact them directly to determine if there are any applicable fees.

    Good luck updating the ISF information!

  • ross


    great article/blog! I was wondering if the fine is assessed immediately and if US Customs issues a receipt for it. I have a bad vibe from the actions of my Customs broker in Houston. My broker charged me the $5K saying the shipment´s ISF filing was not done in time by the shipper´s freight forwarder (DSV) in Europe, but claims he has no receipt to prove the amount he charged me was paid. How can i see if the amount was paid in my behalf and avoid being shown a receipt down the road issued for some other party and placed in my expense account to justify. Am I getting ripped off?

  • Shapiro

    Hi Ross,

    We’re sorry to hear about the issue you are facing.

    If the ISF was filed late, a penalty notice would be issued by Customs with the amount of the fine. The proof that the check cleared the bank account of the company paying would be the receipt. If the penalty is not paid, the importer would be placed on National Sanctions and they would have to pay all duties up front.

    We recommend that you contact your broker for proof that Customs has indeed penalized your company for the late ISF.

  • Ross

    Thank you for your time and answer. Problem is the broker (whom we sent the fine monies to) claims the “penalty notice” will be issued 6-8 months after the payment, basically they want me to take their word as to the fine being paid on my behalf. Considering DSV (contracted by the supplier who’s at fault for not having done the paperwork on time, them being the consignee on the Master BL) claims they were able to contact the authorities and have them waive the fine for it being the first time, but also has not provided me with proof of the waiver… i am basically stuck between two incompetent and possibly fraudulent parties holding the short stick, and no way to prove my supplier of the screw up and recoup any funds. My terms were CIF Laredo, the container went thru Houston exactly when Maersk´s was hit by ransomware, and disappeared from the radar for almost 2 months, exposing the contents to the extreme heat and humidity at port, finally damaging the goods! What a mess!

  • Kash

    My cargo LCL sailed 12 days ago and we just realized the ISF was not filed. We are working on getting this filed now. What’s going to happen now ? We import on regular basis and this our first time being in this situation.
    Please advise

  • Shapiro

    Hi Kash,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    Penalties for late ISF filings can range from $5,000 for the first infraction to $10,000 for each additional late filing. Though there was a grace period, it has now passed and we are in an era of strict enforcement. This does not mean that you will be fined for certain, but you will have to wait to hear from your broker as they will be the first to receive notice of late filing and any associated penalties.

    Is your cargo routed straight to the destination port in the U.S., or will it transship? If there is a transshipment port and ISF is filed 24 hours before your goods depart from the transshipment port to their final destination, then your ISF was filed on time and there will be no penalties assessed.

    Best of luck and please let us know if you have any further questions.

  • Karla

    Hello, This was very helpful. I was new to importing and didn’t understand what the email with simply ISF meant, didn’t help it was mostly in Chinese. Now it is 4 days out and no custom agent can help me file it. What options do I have. The shipment was $660 worth of material. The $5K makes me feel ill.

  • Shapiro

    Hi Karla,

    Thanks for checking out our blog!

    We’re sorry to hear about the issues with your ISF filing.

    We recommend that you determine what Incoterm was used when you purchased the goods from your supplier. We have included a link to our resource below. You should also contact your customs broker immediately to file the ISF. It is possible that you may not be penalized.

    Good luck and we wish you the best in this situation!

  • Rose


    I confused one thing: How did you know about carrier filling AMS’s time? when I filed AMS for our HBL, If status is 1Y, it means carrier already filed AMS, right? If 3z, it means ISF was done?

  • JM

    Hi dear,

    I have problem. Shipment already sailed from t/s port but ams is still not filed. But as per to the dest they already filed the ISF. Please advise whether there will be any fine occurs

  • Merritt Trigg

    Hi JM,

    U.S. CBP requires that AMS be filed before cargo departs its origin country. Failure to transmit AMS prior to departure can lead to penalties, though we have seen these waived before in certain instances. Your best bet is to file AMS as soon as possible.

    Wishing you the best of luck!

  • Merritt Trigg

    Hi Rose,

    Thank you for reaching out to Shapiro. 1Y and 3Z are each disposition codes used by CBP to denote automated manifest requirements.

    1Y is generated when the SCAC and bill number transmitted match that of the contract carrier, so this would identify that a bill of lading has been manifested properly.

    3Z is generated if there is an ISF on file for the bill of lading, so this indicates that the ISF was sent and is matching what’s on file.

    We hope this information is helpful! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any further questions.

  • Naveen Gupta

    We’ve shipped 1 container from India to San Juan, Puerto Rico on 09-Sep-18 and later realized that US ISF filing rules also apply to PR as it falls under US CBP territory. We are in process of filing ISF on 21-Sep-18. However it is also noted that the vessel & voyage will be changed twice in-transit before it finally arrives PR. Would it still attract late filing penalty?

  • Merritt Trigg

    Hi Naveen,

    Thank you for reading our blog and indeed, ISF rules also apply in Puerto Rico.

    ISF only needs to be filed prior to departure from the final port before reaching Puerto Rico. Thus, as long as you file ISF prior to your cargo’s departure from the second transshipment point, then you should not incur any penalties.

    Best of luck and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any further questions.

  • Melly

    We have shipment from Indonesia to Oakland, vessel departure from Indonesia (Semarang) Oct 11, 2018 and connecting vessel from Singapore to Oakland is on Oct 24, 2018.
    We just submit ISF on Oct 13, 2018 to customs. Could you please check whether this OK or any penalty for this?
    For submit ISF is counting 48 hours prior vessel sailing date, mean of vessel is mother vessel to USA or feeder vessel (vessel from POL to transhipment port example Singapore) Please advise, thx.

  • Merritt Trigg

    Hi Melly,

    When utilizing a transshipment port, ISF only needs to be filed 48 hours prior to departure from the transshipment port. Thus, it appears you filed in plenty of time for the above shipment.

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can ever be of any assistance.

  • Carlos Falcón

    We sent the ISF to our broker but, due to an internal server problem, they didnt received the ISF. The vessel arrived yesterday and today is when we realized that happened. They already received the documentation and are working on it.

    How much do you think is going to be the penalty.

  • Maura Perry

    Hi Carlos,
    Thank you for reaching out to us! Penalties can run up to $5,000 (US) in this case. However, it varies based on your situation. Best of luck and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any further questions.

  • Archana


    I need help to understand the obligation for AMS Filling. In my case House Bill of lading and master bill of lading is involved where am the customer for house bill of lading. AMS filling will be done by us, wherein we had filled HBL and
    with contracted shipping line scac code and ISF also filled – 3z code receive but 1Y code not generated. And so far contracted line has not filled the master bill of lading and if contracted line file the AMS prior 5 hours of vessel sailing or filled after vessel sailing then custom penalty will be applicable and who will be held responsible for late filling since being customer had filed HBL AMS n ISF well on time.

    Please help to understand who will be responsible if contracted line file AMS MBL LATE.

  • Maura Perry

    Hi Archana,
    The AMS will always be filed by the carrier at the time of vessel departure and not before. There is a possibility that the reason behind a late AMS filing has something to do with inaccuracies/issues with the House Bill that was presented to the carrier.

    We see late filings quite often, and most likely the carrier is late filing their AMS details, or the cargo is a transshipment. If this causes the ISF to be late and results in fines we would recommend disputing it, by utilizing your data and filing records. This would include AMS notes, ISF transmission and any issues from the carrier’s negligence. Hopefully, you would get the penalty mitigated. We hope this helps. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions about your shipment!

  • AAV


    i am a supplier and i ship to US, this time my export manager forgot to file ISF for the importer and now the buyer is asking for penalty of 5000$, please advise what to do? how can i avoid this? thanks


  • Maura Perry

    Hi AAV,
    Thank you for reaching out to Shapiro! A $5000 penalty is standard for failing to file an ISF on time. The importer is likely asking that you (as the seller) pay these fees if you were the party responsible for filing the ISF with Customs. Penalties can be mitigated with CBP on a case by case basis. In order to determine your level of liability, we would need more information from you. Please reach out to if you have additional questions. Thanks!

  • S.AW


    Who can assist to file a Late AMS for HBL?

  • Maura Perry

    Thank you for contacting Shapiro. Whoever is handling your shipment is the party responsible for filing this paperwork. Good luck and let us know if you need additional assistance on late filing procedures. Thank you!

  • Lucia

    Hello Dear,

    I have 3 shipments which were filed ISF before vessel departure 2 days. After shipper canceled and did not loaded. And I cancel AMS, but forgot to cancel ISFs. After ATA 2 days, I found out them and canceled.
    Have any penalties for this case?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Maura Perry

    Hi Lucia,
    Thank you for contacting Shapiro. Failure to withdraw ISF can result in a penalty of up to $5,000 per shipment. However, because you canceled the AMS in advance, we recommend contacting customs directly to determine if you are able to avoid these charges. Good luck!

  • sal garcia

    With the new March 15 2019 implementations of late ISF 5 penalties .
    Who will customs be going after for the fines?
    Shipping Line, Forwarder, or importer ?

  • geeta


    We are a freight forwarder and this was a direct vessel US with ETD 25th March and the ISF and AMS was submitted on the same day. kindly advise if there will be any penalties. We received the 1Y mail for the AMS submitted.

  • Maura Perry

    Hi Sal,
    Thank you for contacting Shapiro! Our Importers Beware – ISF-5 Enforcements are Coming Shap Flash provides further insight into CBP’s current ISF-5 enforcement and penalty guidelines. Good luck!

  • Maura Perry

    Hi Geeta!
    Thanks for contacting Shapiro! In order to have a timely ISF, shippers must have it filed no later than 24 hours before vessel departure. This is modeled after the 24-Hour Manifest Rule enforcement standard. CBP uses the first bill of lading file date as a “proxy indicator” of ISF timeliness since the bill of lading must also be filed at least 24 hours prior to loading vessels. CBP is now using the vessel departure date minus 24 hours to better assess ISF timeliness. Therefore, your shipment may be subject to penalties if the ISF was filed on the same date of its departure. Best of luck!

  • Ruchika


    i filled the ISF for incorrect MBL no ,vessel salied on 27/05/2019 revise filled on 30/05/2019

    are there will be any penalty on this


  • Maura Perry

    Hi Ruchika,
    Thank you for contacting Shapiro. The ISF must be accurately filed at least 24 hours prior to vessel departure. Recently, importers have reported an uptick in penalties from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). It is now our understanding that CBP is tightening their requirements; we are seeing penalties issued for ISFs filed on the same day as export or even just after sailing. Failure to submit a timely or accurate ISF, which must includes the correct bill of lading number, can result in penalties amounting to $5,000 per transaction. For more information, please check out our ISF Enforcement: Penalties, Filing Errors, and Mitigation blog. Good luck!

  • Susan

    On board date of mother vessel is Jun 11, 2019 00:19 (according to carrier web). I filed ISF and received “ISF accepted” and ” Bill on file” result on Jun 10, 2019 00:37.
    If basing on 24 hours prior to vessel departure timeline, I am 18 minutes late. I am very worry about it. Pls advise if any penalty this case?
    Hope to receive good news from you :). Thanks so much!

  • Maura Perry

    Hi Susan,
    Thank you for contacting Shapiro. Unfortunately, US Customs can charge you a $5,000 penalty for late/same day ISF filings, even if it is only 18 minutes late. However, if this is your first import offense, you may be able to mitigate with CBP to pay a lower fee depending on your situation. We recommend reading our ISF Enforcement: Penalties, Filing Errors, and Mitigation blog for more information. Good luck with your shipment!

  • ED

    We are handling a container from DR to Manzanillo Port in Panama. The Ocean Carrier does not have direct service DR/Panama; therefore container is going to be transhipped at Port Everglades; and reloaded to another vessel for its final destination.

    Is the ISF needed? If so, who is responsible for it?

    Thanks for your help!!


  • Maura Perry

    Hi Ed,
    Thank you for contacting Shapiro. Traditionally, it is the ISF Importer who is responsible for submitting the ISF information. The ISF Importer is generally defined as the party causing the goods to arrive to the U.S. by vessel. Depending on your shipment’s terms, it can either be the goods’ owner, purchaser, consignee or agent. However, in this instance, the carrier or NVOCC (depending on who issued the bill of lading) may be responsible for filing and must do so within 24 hours from the announced diversion. For more information, visit our article on ISF Penalties. Good luck!

  • Susan

    Hi Maura Perry!
    Thanks for answering. Before, CBP penalty for ISF filed on same day of vessel departure and later, we can avoid penalty if we file before departure date. In my case, ISF filed the day before vessel departure date but not enough 24 hours before on board time. Do you mean from Jun 2019, CBP tighten penalty more to fine any ISF later than 24 hours before on board exact time? Have you seen any same case penalty? I hope not 🙂

  • Maura Perry

    Hi Susan,
    Thanks for your reply! To clarify, CBP has not changed or added any restrictions to existing ISF requirements themselves. Instead, CBP has tightened and has begun its crackdown on the enforcement of its ISF requirements in the last 6 months or so. We cannot know for sure whether or not you will receive a penalty from CBP based solely on this information, as the window of time for penalization is extremely limited (18 minutes). However, as we have seen a rise in the number of our customers and non-customers receiving penalties alike, we would advise you to prepare to receive up to a $5,000 penalty from CBP regardless. Unfortunately, all you can do at this time is wait to hear from CBP. I hope this helps, and good luck!

  • Jenny

    Hi Maura Perry,

    We had shipment from Vietnam to Tacoma, WA.
    The actual departure time of M/V at 03:50 AM 01 October (local time) and our US Agent filed ISF at 11:00 PM 30 OCT (it means at 11:00 AM 30 OCT at their side).
    Could you advise us if have any penalty for late ISF filing? And when will the US Customs response if ISF is accept or not?
    I’m really worry about penalty charges 5000$.
    Hope to receive your advice!

  • Maura Perry

    Hi Jenny,
    Thank you for reaching out to Shapiro. Assuming you meant that your US Agent filed ISF at 11:00 PM 30 SEPT (not OCT 30 as indicated above), you could potentially be subject to the $5000 late ISF filing penalty. Unfortunately, based on the limited information we have on your shipment, we are unable to be certain as to whether or not you will be penalized. We recommend reaching out directly to your broker to receive more information on the timing of your filing. We hope this helps and best of luck with your shipment!

  • Javid zaroo

    Hi best wishes
    My cargo left india 7th November from india and it is destined to Texas since my cargo will be loaded into another vessel in Taiwan on 26 th of November. Am I right if I say I have to consider last vessel departure for isf filing or was I suppose to do it before it left india.

  • Maura Perry

    Hi Javid,
    Thank you for reaching out to Shapiro. Based on the information you’ve provided about your transshipment (India to Taiwan to Texas), you are correct to consider the last vessel departure date when filing your ISF. As long as you file at least 24 hours prior to departure from Taiwan, then you shouldn’t have any late penalties or fines from CBP. Best of luck with your shipment!

  • Lis

    Hello Shapiro Team,

    If the ISF is submitted is filed in timely manner (48hrs)prior sailing but if the transmission is not matching with the AMS the day of the departure, would incur in penalty?

    Thanks in advanced.


  • Robert Allman

    Hi Lis,
    Thanks for reaching out to Shapiro. If the ISF and AMS are not matching, then it could be considered late and potentially subject to a $5,000 fine with CBP. Good luck with your shipment!

  • Nish

    if one shipment is loaded on a feeder vessel & then loaded into an ocean vessel & there’s a discharge at transhipment port as well,then i want to know when isf should be filed? before which port ?

  • Maura Perry

    Hi Nish,
    Thanks for getting in touch with Shapiro! Per CBP regulations, ISF needs to be filed 24 hours prior to the container being loaded on the vessel destined for the U.S., not the feeder vessel. Best of luck with your shipment!