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How Exporters Can ACE AES Direct!

How will ACE affect AES Direct Portal for exporters?

Within the coming few months, the AESDirect Portal will go live in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). All exporters must have an ACE account to access the new AESDirect system, to be known as Refactored AESDirect. Accounts will not transition from the existing system. The existing system is to be referred to as the legacy system so as not to confuse exporters. Legacy applications will start to be phased out and closed in the beginning of 2016. Profiles and templates will need to be recreated in the new system and SCAC/IATA look-up will not be available. Both systems will be functioning during this transition period with the legacy program functionality to be incrementally phased out. Shipments filed in the legacy application will be available for retrieval in the refactored system, however, not in the reverse.

Refactored AESDirect Demo

To view CBP’s information on ACE and Automated systems, visit http://www.cbp.gov/trade/automated

How to Create an Export Account in ACE

For New Exporters:

  1. Watch CBP’s How to Request a New Account video tutorial.
  2. Fill out the ACE Export Account Online Application to create an account. An ACE Exporter Account will provide access to AES Direct to file Electronic Export Information (EEI) and to initiate the approval process to access ACE export reports. 
  3. Download the Exporter Account Quick Reference Guide.

Note: Only U.S. and U.S. territory entities may apply for an ACE Exporter Account.

For Existing Exporters:

  1. Watch CBP’s Requesting an ACE Portal Exporter Account for Existing Users video tutorial.
  2. Download the Exporter Account Quick Reference Guide.

Tips & Tricks:

  • The Trade Account Owner (TAO) who registers an account should be designated by the company.
  • The “shared secret value” is your user name.
  • Multiple EINs can be added to an account. Register with the highest level EIN and then add additional EINs to that account.
How to get ACE Export Reports Authorization
  1. Watch CBP’s Requesting Access to EIN Data for ACE Portal Export Accounts video tutorial.
  2. From your ACE account, click “Request EIN Reports Authorization”.
  3. Provide the Certificate of Authority (COA) to Census.
  4. Respond to Census verification questions within 30 days.
  5. Respond to all requests in a timely fashion and submit request for all desired EIN access at one time to streamline the process

Note: Both steps 2 and 3 MUST precede step 4.

ACE Export Reports Defined

  • The 201 “Filer” Report returns all shipments submitted by the filer for requested date range.
  • The 202 “USPPI” Report returns all shipments submitted by and on behalf of USPPI for requested date range.
  • The 203 “Routed” Report returns approved data elements for routed shipments for last 5 years.
Contact Information

Vetting and Reports Authorization Trade Outreach Branch
1-800-549-0595, option 5
[email protected]

ACE Accounts and Reports CBP Account Service Desk
1-866-530-4172, option 1, then option 2
[email protected]

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