The landscape in terms of the way consumers search, find, and buy goods has changed rapidly in the last few years. e-Commerce is the new kid on the playground with the cool jacket that everyone wants to be befriend. What you may not know? We shipped that cool jacket in for them!

With e-Commerce dominating the market and continuing to consume the playground, it is important to make sure that you have a reliable partner on your side to ensure you make friends with the right people in your supply chain. e-Commerce is a tough sandbox to play in and the rules are always changing. With Shapiro in your corner, you know you have a partner that is willing to go the extra mile to keep you updated with smart data, meet your deadlines, and make sure that you and your “friends” are happy.

Our services and solutions are custom-fit to meet your needs, and you’ll need it! Navigating e-commerce is like trying to play on that weird looking jungle jim — it’s full of twists, turns, special requirements, Customs entries, and shipping declarations. Let us help you out before the lunch bell rings.

New to E-Commerce Shipping

Getting your feet wet in the pool of e-Commerce shipping may feel more like taking a dive off the deep end. You will likely find yourself struggling to tread water in the swirling currents of shipping, imports, customs clearance, delivery methods, labels, marketplace restrictions, the ever-changing government regulations, and the alphabet soup of acronyms.

We’ve thrown out a life preserver to you, new importer, and we’re reeling you back to shore. Shapiro’s developed a 5-Step-Process to help you map out your e-commerce adventure.

  • Step 1: Get Started by Reviewing our Welcome Packet Information and Get Setup
  • Step 2: Have your Product Classified
  • Step 3: Request a Quote
  • Step 4: Setup a Bond for Importing to the U.S. (Only for shipments to the US)
  • Step 5: Complete our Prebooking Checklist

We realize that not everyone is good at reading maps (looking at you Dad!), and we’ve kept that in mind. Shapiro has a consulting program as well to help you learn the basics of international shipping and answer your burning questions like ‘What is a Customs bond and why do I need one?’ or ‘What are Incoterms, and which one is the best to ship with?’ We’ll even dive down into the complex waters of Partner Government Agency (PGA) compliance and Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. And please don’t worry. We’ve packed extra scuba gear and snacks.

Amazon FBA Shipping Services

Have you heard of Amazon? Of course you have! Amazon and the e-commerce craze have been sweeping the globe for the last few years now. But have you heard of Fulfillment by Amazon(FBA)? Amazon’s FBA program is a powerful platform for new and experienced Sellers to step on to the e-commerce stage. Third party Sellers can host their product on Amazon and ship their product to Amazon to Fulfill those others.

That’s right, we said ‘Ship to Amazon.’ Supply Chain Management was complicated enough before, but now you also need to know all the requirements to get your product into Amazon.

Having the right strategy for managing domestic and international shipping for Amazon is crucial, especially when any misstep will cost you time and money. Your customers want fast delivery; but like every business, you have a budget to manage. That’s why we work hard every day to find the best carrier and price for every shipment.

E-commerce customers value visibility, which is why we make sure we provide updates and alerts when packages ship. If there are problems or delays, we send package exception alerts, so you can manage your customers’ expectations while we work to resolve the problem. Shapiro’s global network of agents coupled with our more than a decade of experience handling shipments to Amazon make Shapiro’s e-Commerce team the choice for FBA services.

That’s the difference when you work with Shapiro for e-commerce shipping. You can relax and focus on other aspects of your business while we manage your shipments and deliveries. That’s why we say, “We deliver. Problem solved.” That’s the Shapiro way, and it’s the only way we know.

Analytics and Insight

Whether we like it or not, everything today is centered around data. How fast is my shipment moving? What is my target date? How should I project my sales and when should I look to ship again to stay in stock? You can either take a guess with your gut about what these answers may be, or you can look at the data. The data doesn’t lie.

Shapiro knows that international shipping, brokerage, and e-commerce generates a lot of data. Too much data can translate into distracting noise if it isn’t managed well. That’s why we created Shapiro 360°, an online portal that lets you review this information in one place. From transit times to timeline milestones, custom reports, and status updates from your team (plus much more), Shapiro 360° helps make music out of the noise

Paired with a Strong Team

Shapiro has been in the international shipping business for over 100 years. We know the ins and outs of freight forwarding and making sure your entries are compliant with Customs regulations. We also have seen the industry grow and change, and have adapted with this changing world. Our e-commerce team has developed over the years into a team of experienced experts that work tirelessly at every step of the process to make your e-commerce logistics runs smoothly. Pair our well-aged experience with finely cultivated tools like our Shapiro 360° data portal and market know how, and you’ve got a delicious course in international shipping.

Sharing Industry Knowledge

It is truly the information age! The Internet is full of enough videos, text, blogs, and social media to keep you occupied for days. This can be a huge time waster in the speedy world of e-commerce, when every day matters. It can also be overwhelming to try to keep up and weed out the unimportant “noise” while focusing on the critical. Let us help.

Shapiro cultivates monthly newsletters and “Flash” reports that summarizes some of the most important changes happening in the industry that could impact your business. From critical regulatory updates to news on the shipping industry to changes in e-commerce requirements, our newsletters are sure to meet your needs to stay on top of what’s happening in the world of e-commerce shipping.

We also produce free webinars and FAQs that walk you through best practices in e-commerce shipping solutions to the latest changes in Amazon international shipping and everything in between. Wait, there’s more! Shapiro also offers consulting programs to help walk you through everything from the basics of ‘What is International Shipping?’ to the important yet complicated points of ‘FDA Compliance.’

We strive to educate, inform, and entertain. And we have fun while we do it. Life is hard, but there’s no reason e-commerce shipping solutions should be.

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