We bet you’re sitting there wondering, “Why would they tell us that?!”

Isn’t Shapiro a freight forwarder?

We are, but we’re just not like the big guys. 

If we determine that a courier is the best option, we’ll tell you, because that’s the Shapiro Way.

Not every import shipment requires a Customs broker, but it’s important to know when you do need one. If your shipment is over $2,500 USD and/or regulated by a Partner Government Agency, you will need to do a formal entry which requires a licensed Customs broker like Shapiro. A small parcel carrier can handle the transportation and informal entry if your cargo value is less than $2,500 USD and not regulated by a PGA.

If you choose to work with Shapiro (and we hope you do!), here is what you can expect:

Whether you’re a new online seller seeking consultation about how to cut through international red tape or a more seasoned international shipper looking for a true supply chain partner to scale your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or other online eCommerce business…

Shapiro is here to help! Contact Us.

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Fulfillment by Amazon Seller?

Importing to Amazon is a complicated game. Not only is it important to know the process, but it is also critical, prior to shipping, to understand strict pallet and label requirements.

Shipments can even be refused by Amazon Fulfillment Centers, returned to the seller at the seller’s expense, or assessed fees for non-compliance!