With Shapiro GlobalFlex™: 

You gain access to a powerful worldwide network of expert 3PLs with various specialties who are highly motivated to exceed your expectations and ours.

The fact of the matter is that Shapiro can replace any individual agent if they fail to meet your very high standards for supply chain excellence.

The multi-national forwarder simply cannot

fire themselves on behalf of a client.

Additionally, Shapiro can place air cargo with our best airfreight agent who has critical local knowledge, and we can move textiles with another Shapiro representative who has developed their business on that industry vertical (to name but a few examples).

It all comes down to flexible yet integrated designs that are built to match the needs of your industry and your own business.

Ready for a true supply chain advocate?  

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Offers you complete flexibility and control over your shipment information.

Shapiro 360° is our home for purchase order management, cargo tracking, all customer reports and dashboards, and all other Shapiro technology applications.

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— We Don't Have to Invite "Uncle Larry" —

He’s family and that’s just the way it is. This, however, is business. With Shapiro’s GlobalFlex™ network, there is no “Uncle Larry” that we’re forced to invite to Thanksgiving. We have total flexibility to use the best agent for you, for your business, and for getting the job done right. Isn’t that better than a perfectly cooked bird?


The multi-national forwarder will scream, “but we’re on a common global tech platform!”
The fact is that Shapiro GlobalFlex™ offers a seamless, deep structural technology integration which takes advantage of the very best features of our platform and our agents’ platform. With today’s technology, the parts really can be greater and more powerful than the whole.