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ACE Reports Training Series: Modifying Query Filters

Learn how to remove all filters in a query and drag specific filters into the query and how the “operators” , such as AND or TO work with queries.

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ACE Reports Training Series: Creating Ad Hoc Reports

Learn how to develop your own customized designed reports or Adhoc reports from the ground up.

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ACE Reports Training Series: Scheduling a Recurring Report

Learn how to schedule specific reports on a recurring schedule.

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Shapiro: Cut the Ship

If your current provider isn’t cutting it…Cut the ship and take a few minutes to see how Shapiro’s customer-centric service can make all the difference. Shapiro is a century-old, family-owned Customs broker and freight forwarder that isn’t afraid to parlay or even fire off a few warning shots.

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Optimizing Your eCommerce Supply Chain: A Guide to Strategic Importing and Exporting

This guide to strategic importing and exporting webinar will showcase how to optimize your eCommerce supply chain and avoid the pitfalls of international shipping.

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The Secrets of Importing Your Amazon Product

Moving a shipment from an overseas supplier to an Amazon warehouse can be a maze of challenges and headaches. Any mistakes along the way can cost you time, money, and headaches. If you are (or plan to be) an Amazon seller importing physical goods from overseas, you will not want to miss this exclusive, actionable webinar with fulfillment and import expert, Nicola Phillips Malaney, FBA Manager at Shapiro.

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Classification Advisory Portal

Having trouble keeping track of your import classifications? Or maybe you want some peace of mind in knowing that you are classifying all of your products with the proper duty rate. In any case, our Classification Advisory Portal can help!

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The Logistics of FBA Demystifying the Supply Chain and Increasing Profits

Join Shapiro’s eCommerce Business Development Manager, Nicola Phillips Malaney, as she educates importers on key information needed to navigate international supply chain logistics while Patrick Muir, of Seller Labs $25K Challenge, provides the unique perspective of what a fellow Seller needs to consider when importing into U.S. FBA.

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Shapiro’s 100th Anniversary Party

Thank you to everyone who joined us in celebrating Shapiro’s 100th anniversary! We created this video that shows a glimpse of the amazing evening. Cheers to 100 more years!

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The Essentials of Customs Entry Auditing

Jane Taeger, Director of Compliance at Shapiro, a Customhouse broker and freight forwarder, presenting The Essentials of Customs Entry Auditing webinar for the International Compliance Professionals Association (ICPA). Under Section 484 of the Tariff Act, as amended (19 U.S.C. 1484), the importer of record is legally responsible for using reasonable care to enter, classify and […]

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