One of the biggest challenges that Amazon sellers experience is how to move a product from an overseas location to a destination in another country – international trade.  A concept ripe with opportunity, if one can nail down the logistics of moving products across international borders in a predictable and cost-effective way.

Get comfortable with a notebook handy, her presentation is loaded with actionable takeaways to save you money and move your product with minimal hassle. There are some gems in here that can save you thousands of dollars, and guess what happens with that cost savings? Add it to your bottom line!

What you’ll learn:

  • Finding the right freight forwarder and customs broker — and know the right questions to ask in the process!
  • How to negotiate to save time and money while avoiding costly mistakes.
  • Tricks of the trade to ensure timely deliveries while staying in compliance with CBP and other government agencies.
  • What you can do as a seller to build long-term relationships with importing partners to develop a consistent and scalable supply chain.

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