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Month: February 2016

Weighing in on Container Load Limits

Weighing in on Container Load Limits | Shap Blog

When shipping cargo in an ocean freight container, it’s certainly tempting to adopt the mindset that you’ve paid for the space in that box and, dammit, you’re going to use it!  We get it!  But alas, there’s more than that to compliant shipping.  Observance of the maximum load limits of a container isn’t the whole […]

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Margie Shapiro’s Annual Outlook 2016: The State of Logistics

JOC’s Annual Review and Outlook outlines the major challenges, opportunities and trends in the global transportation and logistics industry via reports from the editorial staff and insight from the industry’s top players. Major segments highlighted include maritime, trucking, rail and intermodal, air cargo, government and logistics. Contributors have years of experience and range from CEOs […]

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