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Month: March 2018

Can Your Shipment Benefit from Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)?

It’s time to pull the handy-dandy Free Trade Agreement from your tool box! What are Free Trade Agreements? What do they achieve? Do your imports qualify for any reduced-duty program? Do you have written policy and procedures for FTAs? Basically, Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) are designed to boost trade and social relationships between two or […]

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2018 TPM Takeaways – The Certainty of Uncertainty

The Trans-Pacific Maritime (TPM) Conference is an annual gathering of supply chain executives wherein industrywide successes and pain points are deliberated, with presentations and discussions typically leading to an overarching path of future resolve in an otherwise fickle trade. However, this year, aside from uniform predictions of relative ocean rate stability throughout 2018, the consensus […]

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