As we enter 2017, the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) and it’s single-window portal is fully up and running—creating transparency for both the importer and Customs.

CBP provides report cards as an educational tool so that importers can assess their compliance with Importer Secure Filing (ISF) requirements.  Being proactive and ensuring a compliant internal program is essential for importers maintaining compliance with all Customs regulations.

As importer access to their trade data increases, Shapiro has created options for additional ISF business intelligence reporting:

The Do It Yourself Kit:  The ACE ISF Report

Let us show you how you yourself can pull your own report card.  Please refer to Shapiro’s video tutorial; it will illustrate how to access your ACE ISF Report Card.

FREE within the ACE Secure Data Portal.

Just the ISF Report

Shapiro will pull your ISF report card from the ACE Secure Data Portal and provide it to you on a monthly basis.

Intelligence ISF Reporting

In addition to pulling your ISF Report Card from the ACE Secure Data Portal, Shapiro will also provide file-level, detailed analysis of late filings.

To request pricing options for Just the ISF Report or Intelligence ISF Reporting, contact Shapiro at