You’ve worked hard to get your shipment into Amazon’s FBA program and start selling…but it seems like there are some pieces that just aren’t moving. Maybe it’s time to change up your product. It’s not uncommon that sellers look to remove their cargo from Amazon’s warehouses to try a different market, or send the product somewhere else to avoid storage fees. For help with Amazon Product Removals, contact Shapiro!

When reviewing your removal plan for exporting from the US, it’s important to consider the following:

If your company is not physically located in the US, or you are operating as a Foreign Importer of Record, there must be a US Principal Party of Interest (USPPI) for the export from the US (except for some imports into Canada). Shapiro can only assist with exporting your product if we handled the US import clearance or if your Customs broker who originally imported the goods will handle clearance and share the ITN # before we will provide a location and handling estimate for your freight. If the above stipulations for the ITN# are not met, Shapiro cannot proceed to handle the clearance or act as USPPI for your export shipment.

For shipments to Canada, we do not need a USPPI if the product does not require a License for import. Shapiro can also assist with removal shipments from other locations such as the EU.

Here is a summary of the product removal process: 

  1. We’ll need an idea of the cargo details:
    • How many units do you plan to remove?
    • What is the estimated size and weight of the shipment?
  2. We will estimate the warehouse receiving charges to receive the goods from Amazon.
  3. We will estimate the freight charges from our warehouse to the final destination of your goods.
  4. Once confirmed, we will:
    1. Open a Shapiro File and provide you with a reference ID and the warehouse address to create your removal order. You’ll use the reference ID so our warehouse can easily identify your cargo.
    2. Provide you with a spreadsheet to complete with your cargo tracking information from Seller Central.
  5. Once all the goods are received, we will prepare your shipment for wherever your cargo is bound!

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