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Fulfillment Requirements

Don’t Put the Cart

Before the Horse

It’s important to understand the requirements of shipping within the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program.  After all, at its core, it is a highly efficient and methodically implemented warehouse distribution network.

That’s one big honkin’ horse!

Registering on Seller Central

All FBA sellers must register on Amazon’s Seller Central to determine their Amazon Fulfillment Center assignment in the U.S.  In order to provide the most cost-effective routing quotation, we need to know the destination.

Note:  Amazon will not confirm any shipping details to us (or anyone else); therefore, it’s important to provide accurate shipping details to avoid delay or re-routing.  That said, if you have any questions, we’re here to help and to walk you through it!

FBA Pallet & Label Requirements

You must log into Seller Central or create a new account to access the FBA requirements.

Amazon has very strict pallet and labeling requirements. Like a BIG cart before that BIG horse, your shipper (or manufacturer) is responsible for palletizing and labeling the cargo to the mandated specifications prior to export.  Requirements change frequently, so please visit the following resources for FBA receiving rules:

Shipment Packaging Requirements

Shipment Label Requirements

Shipping and Routing Requirements

Shipments that do not meet these requirements may be refused by Amazon Fulfillment Centers, returned to the seller at the seller’s expense, or assessed fees for non-compliance.  Rejections are solely at the discretion of Amazon.

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