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Break Through!

“Technology” is a term used a bit too liberally in our industry.

Shapiro has invested heavily in both technological tools and expertise, Customs-licensed IT professionals that have allowed us to offer personalized solutions and a unique approach to supply chain logistics.

Built in-house.

Customized for you.

Rather than continue the industry trend of immediately listing all of the same products also offered by our competitors, please allow us to explain why our approach to technology is different.

And better.

  • We meticulously note your current process.
  • We collaborate with you to truly understand your goals and objectives.
  • We build our systems’ (and business) plan of attack specifically for you; nothing is canned.
  • We allot 20-30% of our annual investment dollars to programmers and technology tools.

Warning: The remainder of this web page is devoted to telling you what everybody else offers. The major difference is that we put in the hours and the sweat to make sure our version of “industry standard” is relentlessly perfect, which makes it considerably more than standard.

Our list of premium technology offerings:

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