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Shanghai to Shut Down for City-Wide COVID Testing

Update as of 4/4/22: The lockdown in Shanghai has been extended indefinitely as results of the city-wide COVID testing are still being reviewed, leaving Chinese supply chains in a state of uncertainty. The lockdown in Shanghai Pudong was initially set for March 28th – April 1st, with Shanghai Puxi following from April 1st – 5th. […]

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Shapiro Will Suspend Services for Cargo Routed Through Russia, Belarus and the Donetsk/Luhansk/Crimea Regions of Ukraine

With consideration to the recent horrific developments between Russia and Ukraine, the advice from the government, and the newly imposed sanctions, Shapiro has elected to suspend handling brokerage and forwarding services for all goods originating or shipping to/from Russia, Belarus, and the Donetsk/Luhansk/Crimea regions of Ukraine. For imports, this change will be effective for shipments […]

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China Fights Omicron Outbreak with New Lockdown Restrictions

China is currently facing its largest COVID outbreak since the pandemic initially broke out in 2020. Despite its success combating the virus with a “zero-tolerance” policy thus far, the Chinese government has been unable to contain the highly contagious Omicron variant sweeping across the country in recent weeks. In response to the rapid spike in […]

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COVID Outbreak Threatens Port Operations in Ningbo

Another outbreak of COVID-19 threatens port operations in the city of Ningbo after several positive cases were reported at a clothing factory over the weekend. As a result of the spike in cases, a partial lockdown has been put in place for certain parts of the district of Beilun—which is home to some of Ningbo’s […]

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Customer Advisory: LA/LB “Container Dwell Fee” Again Delayed – Now Until January 17

The ports of Los Angeles (LA) and Long Beach (LB) announced that the “Container Dwell Fee” would once again be postponed until January 17, 2022. The fee was originally announced in late October and set to take effect earlier in November, but has been repeatedly delayed after the ports observed a noticeable clearing of backlogged […]

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Customer Advisory: LA/LGB “Emergency Fee” Surcharge

As previously mentioned in our most recent Shap Talk, the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have announced a “Container Access Dwell Fee,” also called an “Emergency Storage Fee” to be imposed on November 1st. Carriers will be expected to pay a fee of $100 on the 9th day of dwell time for each […]

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Meidong Container Terminal in Ningbo Suspends Services After Employee Tests Positive for COVID

The Ningbo Meidong Container Terminal, also called Meishan Terminal, has suspended all inbound and outbound services after an employee received a positive COVID-19 test on Tuesday, August 10th. The terminal is one of five in the port of Ningbo. The closure restricts shippers from picking up empty equipment or gating-in containers. While some industry leaders […]

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Airfreight Rates Soar as Market Conditions Worsen

The airfreight market has started to mirror the ocean freight market. This week, we are seeing the perfect storm in terms of increased demand, reductions in capacity (due to flight cancellations) and new restrictions as a result of COVID outbreaks in Nanjing, Zhangjiajie and Zhengzhou. Airfreight rates are currently $9 to $10/kilo and are trending to $11/kilo […]

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UPDATE: Some Carriers Alter August Surcharges

Per our earlier Shap Flash, carriers announced additional surcharges for August to help offset rising costs from operational delays, vessel backlogs and other kinks in supply chains worldwide. As we expected, some carriers have announced alterations to the original list of surcharges; please click here for a detailed snapshot of the updated surcharges and the […]

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Summer Heats Up as Carriers Announce Additional Surcharges for August

As operational delays, equipment and space shortages, and vessel backlogs continue to cripple supply chains worldwide, carriers have announced additional surcharges that are scheduled to go into effect in August. Please click here for a detailed snapshot of the new surcharges and the markets that carriers are targeting at this time. We expect that other […]

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Emergency COVID-19 Restriction Updates: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam

Indonesia Indonesia has imposed an emergency public activity restriction (PPKM) through July 20, 2021. The restriction was passed due to ongoing spikes of COVID-19 cases. There have been 56,757 confirmed cases as of July 15. The PPKM restrictions are focused on Java, Bali, and Jakarta.  There are “rumors” that this PPKM will be extended for […]

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Union Pacific to Suspend Chicago-Bound Containers from the West Coast for a Week

Union Pacific railroad announced that it will halt the movement of international cargo from the West Coast to its Global IV terminal in Chicago for a week, beginning Sunday, July 18th. The announcement comes after labor shortages, pandemic restrictions and pooled chassis shortages have created congestion at the terminal. Officials hope that the weeklong pause […]

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Vietnam to Enter COVID Shutdown Effective Tomorrow – July 9, 2021

In wake of the rapidly deteriorating COVID situation in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces, Vietnam officials have announced that the country will be instituting a full lockdown effective tomorrow – July 9, 2021 – to attempt to contain the outbreak. Please note the following details: Many offices will be severely reducing in-office staffing […]

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UPDATE – COVID Outbreak at Port of Yantian – May 27, 2021

Congestion has been one ramification of the COVID outbreak we reported on yesterday. In an effort to improve the traffic situation in the surrounding areas of the port of Yantian, Yantian International Container Terminals (YICT) has decided the following: Between 12 AM (midnight) on May 28th and 11:59 PM on May 30th, export-loaded containers will […]

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Yantian COVID-19 Outbreak – May 26, 2021

COVID-19 cases were first detected at the port of Yantian last Friday, and several more infections have emerged for workers on the Oriental Vancouver. The following measures have been implemented by the Chinese authorities: Two COVID-19 tests every three days for all workers at the port. Sanitation of the whole port and residential areas around […]

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The Vessel Blocking the Suez Canal has been Dislodged

We learned this morning that the grounded EVER GIVEN has been dislodged in the Suez Canal—and that it will be towed, during high tide, to Great Bitter Lake for inspection. It is expected that transits will resume later this evening and that the backlog will be addressed within the week. We will certainly keep you apprised […]

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Everything You Need to Know About the Vessel Blockage at the Suez Canal

The Ever Given, operated by Evergreen, was headed to the Netherlands on Tuesday when it ran aground, sideways, in the Suez Canal during a dust storm.  The Canal is currently blocked in both directions.  Dredgers have been working to dislodge the vessel which is blocking the flow of an estimated $12 billion in goods. Some […]

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Importers Should Prepare for Additional Supply Chain Disruptions Ahead of Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year (CNY) will commence on February 12, 2021. In observance of the celebration, China will be on holiday between February 11th – 17th. In a pre-pandemic world, shippers typically experienced supply chain disruptions approximately 10-14 days prior to start of CNY. However, this year, experts are warning importers to prepare for an additional […]

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Importers: Be Prepared for Port/Storage Issues

Due to the overwhelming congestion in the ports, truckers are struggling to get containers out with the free time allotted. Carriers are not cooperating; we are not seeing free time extended.  Some of the issues we are experiencing include: Truckers are unable to return empty containers to the terminals where they were picked up, thus […]

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CMA CGM Group Currently Dealing with a Cyber-Attack

Earlier this morning, CMA CGM announced that external access to all IT applications was unavailable as they deal with a cyber-attack. Here’s what we know: At 8:10 AM EST, CMA CGM confirmed that the service interruption was the result of what they believe to be a cyber-attack impacting peripheral servers. We have been told that […]

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