We are excited to share that Baltimore officials have announced the opening of a new 35-foot-deep channel at the city’s port, starting today. This development is part of ongoing efforts to restore operations after the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge last month. The channel will accommodate “commercially essential vessels,” including five of the seven cargo ships currently stranded in the harbor. Vessels using the channel will be required to have a Maryland pilot onboard and two tugboats for escort.

The temporary channel will remain open until early next week, after which it will close until approximately May 10 to allow for further salvage operations, including the removal of steel from the Dali and refloating of the ship. The port’s main channel, which is 50 feet deep, is expected to fully reopen next month, resuming normal marine traffic. This interim channel puts the port’s cleanup efforts slightly ahead of schedule, offering a crucial pathway for the port’s recovery.

Shapiro will continue to monitor the situation and provide status updates as they become available.