Are You Ready for ACE Compliance?

Check out our ACE FAQ guide to help answer your import and export questions!

What is ACE?

The Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) is the primary system or “single window” for the international trade community to submit import and export data to communicate with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and other participating government agencies.  CBP and the partner government agencies will use ACE to collect, track, and process required trade information.

Is Shapiro ready for ACE?

Shapiro’s programming for ACE is 100% complete and in place for ACE Entry Summary, ACE Cargo Release, and ACE DIS. Our programming for the FDA, Lacey, and NHTSA is 100% complete and we are actively participating in the FDA Pilot. We are in the process of methodically rolling out use of ACE for all entries that are eligible within Shapiro.  We are taking this care to ensure that the transition to ACE for our customers entries is as seamless as possible.

Are YOU ready for ACE?

Check out our ACE FAQs for more information!

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