Cyber-Attack Freezes Maersk’s Quoting and Booking Systems

Maersk and APM Terminal operations remain in a critical state as a result of cyber-attack Petya, the virus that has halted operations at nearly ten multinational corporations. In their latest press release, Maersk outlined the following points:

  • Multiple Maersk IT systems remain powered down in an effort to further secure data. As a result of the shutdown, Maersk is currently incapable of providing quotes or accepting new bookings.
  • For the time being, all Maersk vessels will maintain their schedules, though certain ports of call may be excluded.
  • The APM Terminals in New York, New Jersey and Rotterdam are still non-operational. A few other affected APM Terminals are operating at reduced capacity.
  • Cargo that is currently on the water will be unloaded in a timely fashion upon arrival at destination. Cargo will be discharged to customers who have established credit with Maersk.
  • In an effort to avoid further data incrimination, any customers who need to get in touch with Maersk are encouraged to do so via phone.

Something important to note:  Maersk is a key player in the logistics industry, owning a 19% global market share. As such, if their booking and quoting systems remain offline for an extended period, then the massive shortage of capacity created by Maersk’s inability to receive new bookings is likely to create a severe space crunch. This could lead the market into a tailspin of short-term rate increases as carriers begin to charge a premium for space.

Shapiro is taking all necessary steps to ensure that all shipments moving with Maersk are secure and on schedule, as well as proactively placing upcoming bookings as early as possible in order to preemptively mitigate any after-effects on space. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated as more information becomes available.


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