Errors with CBP Liquidation Courtesy Notices

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has discovered an error in the creation of liquidation courtesy notices. Some filers received notices with errors and others did not receive notices. CBP is delaying delivery of the corrected courtesy notices until next week. All corrected notices for this week and next week will be issued on the same day. ** Please also note the courtesy notice delivery date will no longer be Friday. As of Deployment G, Release 4 (February 24, 2018) CBP will distribute courtesy notices on Sundays.


Since liquidation finalizes Customs’ review of an entry, the status of the liquidation needs to be monitored. An entry can liquidate as entered, liquidate with an increase in duties, liquidate with a refund, or liquidation can be suspended or extended. It’s important to monitor the electronic liquidation notices for any discrepancies.

On August 17, 2011, CBP discontinued mailing courtesy notices of liquidation. All ABI filers (importers of record and brokers that file as the agent of an importer of record) continue to receive electronic courtesy notices. In addition, all importers of record with an Automated Commercial Environment (”ACE”) Secure Data Portal Account can monitor the liquidation of their entries by using the ACE reporting tool. (Importers of record whose entries are not filed through ABI will continue to receive paper courtesy notices of liquidation.)

Importers of record with an ACE Portal Account run the AM-100 Courtesy Notice of Liquidation report through the portal to monitor the liquidation of their entries. The report includes all data elements from the paper courtesy notice of liquidation, including the liquidation date.

In ACE Deployment G, Release 4, importers will be able to access the below newly created liquidation reports available in ACE Reports on or about March 17, 2018:

ES- 701 Courtesy Notice of Liquidation This report provides a list entry summaries that have liquidated. Entry Summary Number, Entry Date, Entry Type Code, Entry Type Long Description, Filer Code, Filer Name, Importer Number, Importer Name, Liquidation Date, Liquidation Record Status Code, Liquidation Duty Determination Code, Courtesy Notice Processed Date, Port of Entry Code, Control Team CEE, Team Number, Total Estimated Amount, Total Paid Amount, Total Ascertained Amount, Total Bill Amount, Total Refund Amount, Total Interest Amount, Additional Surety Notice Date, Surety Code, Surety Name
ES- 702 Official Notice of Extension, Suspension and Liquidation This report provides a list entry summaries that have been extended, suspended or scheduled for liquidation. Posted Date, Liquidation Date, Voided Date, Event Type, Basis, Action, Entry Number, Port of Entry, Entry Date, Entry Type, Team