Yesterday, the European Union (EU) announced that it will raise tariffs on $4 billion worth of goods imported from the US in response to the on-going dispute over aircraft subsidies.

Beginning November 10th, the EU will impose additional 15% tariffs on large aircrafts, as well as 25% tariffs on an assortment of other goods – which includes a variety of seafood, alcoholic beverages, chocolate, exercise equipment, and more.

The EU’s latest retaliation follows last month’s World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling in favor of additional tariffs on US products in light of the stalled and unsuccessful discussions between US and EU negotiators. According to officials, the European Commission is prepared to work to settle the dispute and to agree on long-term disciplines to subsidies once the US removes its punitive tariffs on $7.5 billion worth of products imported from the EU.

Click here to view the preliminary list of US products subject to additional duties.

Shapiro will continue to monitor the situation and provide status updates as they become available.