Government Shutdown Update

We have heard from numerous sources today regarding the U.S. government shutdown and are providing the following update.

U.S. Customs – CBP operations are proceeding as normal. There may be delays in post entry functions such as protest review. The Customs broker licensing exam scheduled for Monday October 7th will take place.

FDA – FDA is operating with reduced staffing. Import entries are still being processed, but there could be delays, particularly with document reviews and exams.

APHIS – The website is shut down. Import permit reviews will be delayed.

Harmonized Tariff – The U.S. International Trade Commission has shut down its website for the Harmonized Tariff System.

Steel licenses – The steel license issuing system is closed. Those importers requiring a steel license should use a temporary code STEELX103 until further notice.

Schedule B – The Census Bureau has shut down its website for Schedule B.

AES Direct – The system is operational.

Bureau of Industry and Security – BIS is operating with reduced staff. They will continue to process export licenses that are essential to national security.

U.S. Export Assistance Center is closed.

FMC – The FMC has suspended operations. Its systems will be unavailable to accept electronic filings for service contracts and NVOCC Service Arrangements (NSAs), and service contract and NSA amendments during the shutdown period.

The White House has posted a list of contingency plans for the various federal agencies. Shapiro will continue to provide updates to keep you informed.

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