Maersk and APM Terminals Close to Resuming Normal Operations

In its latest press release, Maersk announced that it is nearly recovered from the cyber-attack that left the company’s IT systems in disarray earlier this week. Certain business units and processes are still not fully operational. Here is an outline of the current status:

  • Bookings Placed Before and After Attack – Every booking that was made prior to the start of the incident on June, 27th at roughly eight o’clock AM, has been verified and stored in Maersk’s system. With regard to confirmed bookings, all necessary equipment will be available on schedule. If you placed a booking during this time and received a confirmation, then there is no need to re-submit a booking request.
  • New Bookings – As previously communicated, Maersk bookings are being accepted via the INTTRA system. Bookings via EDI are now being accepted as well; all new bookings received via EDI will be confirmed as early as next week.   Maersk has also revived a limited version of its online booking portal.
  • Pricing – Maersk has stated that, “Rates issued prior to the system outage will stand, and no rate increases will be issued until our systems are restored.”
  • APM Terminals – A majority of terminals are now fully operational. Pier 400, the APM Terminal in Los Angeles, remains closed, though Maersk has vowed it will consider utilizing manual processes as a means of countering severe backlog at the terminal. They have also reported that any APM Terminal closings due to the cyber-attack will not be counted against free time.

Maersk is hopeful that it will have fully restored its operations by early next week. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available.

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