Ningbo Trucker Strike Turns Violent

Earlier this week, over 100 truck owners went on strike at Ningbo Beilun port.  The key focal point of the strike is trucking freight rates.  Truckers claim rates, which were set by Ningbo Port,  have been stagnant for 8 years and that an increase is necessary due to doubling of diesel prices during this time.  Officials from the Ningbo Container Transport Association formulated a new rate, increasing previous rates by 12%, but the protest began before news could be announced.  As the protest subsided, it appeared all was well.

However, tensions are still high and the protest has now become violent.  Drivers are campaigning for higher pay, and now over 7,000 drivers have joined in.  Trucks who continue to handle work have been damaged and police, who have tried to intervene, have been attacked.

Delays are now being experienced at the port of Ningbo, and are anticipated to continue through the weekend.

We will continue to monitor the situation and advise you of any important updates.