The Brazilian Government and truckers in Brazil still have not reached an agreement to end the strike, continuing into day 5 of no truck drivers. The Brazilian Association of Trucking, which represents about 700,00 drivers, organized the strike and rejected the deal late Thursday, causing one of the worst strikes in country history and affecting all Brazilian people. Brazil lacks a major railroad system, making road transportation a huge part of their economy.

The strike began Monday morning due to a fuel shortage, which is adversely affecting the economy and causing chaos throughout the country. Many flights are at a standstill due to no gasoline. Additionally, food supply deliveries to businesses are suspended, and hospitals have had to put surgeries and appointments on hold due to a lack of medicines. Strikers have blocked major roads, hindering deliveries and pick ups at ports and disrupting schedules.

Shapiro will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available.