Teamster Picketing Adds Complications to Port of LA/LB Operations during ILWU Contract Negotiations

After a tentative sigh of relief from West Coast routed cargo owners, tensions are once again running high as the Teamsters union pickets in L.A./Long Beach.  The Teamsters drivers claim that they were incorrectly classified as independent contractors instead of true employees by trucking companies.  As contractors, the drivers do not receive the same overtime, workers’ compensation coverage, and other guarantees that employees are allotted.

The Teamsters picket action, which has not announced an end date, comes as over 20,000 ILWU dock personnel negotiate a multi-year contract which technically expired on July 1.  Despite the lack of a contract, the ILWU and PMA have issued a joint-statement that there will be no strike or lockout following the contract expiration as both sides work to conclude a new contract.  This statement was issued before the Teamsters union organized the picketing, and it remains to be seen if the ILWU will stand with the Teamsters.  It also remains uncertain if the Teamsters’ actions will affect the ILWU negotiations themselves.

We will continue to monitor the situation and advise you of any important updates.

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