President Trump threatened to close the U.S. border with Mexico as early as this week in light of the issues stemming from the continued immigration crisis. Trump’s announcement is the latest in a series of escalated threats against Mexico in his pursuit of border security.

It’s unclear whether the closure would apply to all traffic and immigration processes or if it would solely apply to pedestrian traffic. However, U.S. firms importing from Mexico or exporting to Mexico should prepare for disruption.

If the closure applies to pedestrian traffic only, any workers needing to cross the border on their daily commute will be unable to do so.

Should the border close to commercial traffic as well, all ground shipments moving via commercial truck and rail would be prohibited from crossing the border. It’s uncertain whether or not trusted trade members, such as C-TPAT or SENTRI members, would be exempt from such closures.

Though more unlikely, it is possible air traffic (both commercial and passenger) would be negatively impacted as well.

Shapiro will continue to monitor the situation and provide status updates as they become available.