“When you are working from abroad, it’s a miracle to have collaborators that can have your back, even if you’re not there in the US. I have been working with Shapiro for almost a year now and I am very satisfied with their work on shipping, Customs release, and deliveries. They cover the entire shipping process from my manufacturer to my delivery into the fulfillment centers in the U.S.  They have a great team of professional and dedicated people; also, I am happy that they have great partnerships in place and can offer me solutions for storage or even inspection of my items when I needed them. I highly recommend Shapiro for a smooth shipping process.”

– Nicoleta        


“I had so many troubles in the past with shipping from China to Amazon, and I think I found a long term partner. You guys are extremely professional in presenting quotes and communication. It’s so much more enjoyable arranging shipments like this!”

– Phil         


“I can’t say enough about how great it has been working with Shapiro. It has allowed us to transition to shipping directly from our factories in China to Amazon FBA USA. We no longer have to handle the shipments. Shapiro handles everything for us and has been wonderful!”

– Bryan         


“As with all companies, Shapiro’s greatest assets are its employees.  Adjectives that describe them are dedicated, driven, meticulous, tenacious and vigilant.  Our contacts at Shapiro are dedicated to excellence in all they do.  They are driven to provide world-class service.  They are meticulous in every detail of their work and every document they handle and process.  They are tenacious in demanding true value from the companies and organizations they handle on our behalf. They constantly are looking ahead, anticipating and preventing problems before they manifest themselves.  This is not a description of one person at Shapiro.  It is a description of every member of the team with which I deal.”

– Tom         


“Shapiro is a true pleasure to work with.  They are timely, professional, organized and customer service oriented.  In short, they are everything that you would expect from a shipping company at the top of their game.”

– Sean


“I would love to provide you feedback on the eCommerce account specialist Jillian Vacarro. I have been working with Jillian over the past several weeks on preparing my first import and shipping of my product to Amazon FBA. I can tell that Jillian is a great professional who is able to answer all of my questions in a timely fashion. She not only gave me answers but supplied me with the supporting guides and links which helped me a lot to understand the whole import process. This made me feel in safe hands. Furthermore, the answers were given in so friendly form which makes me to conclude of a nice personality of Jillian.

For my next shipments I would definitely love working with her again.”

– Farhad and Liene

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