Selecting the right Customs broker is more than choosing the lowest entry fee. The right broker looks at your business as an extension of its own and asks questions to ensure that your cargo is cleared in compliance with Customs and all government agency regulations.  Shapiro fights to ensure that your cargo is white-gloved throughout the process, considers your overall logistics platform, and suggests governmental programs that may be financially advantageous to your company.

Our core brokerage services include:

We care.  In fact, our best customers accuse us of being obsessive.  

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Bad Service? Fire Yourself.

Multi-national freight forwarders will tell you that having their own boots on the ground overseas is absolutely essential to properly manage your supply chain.

There is one tiny problem with the premise: You can't fire yourself!

Access a powerful worldwide network of expert 3PLs who are highly motivated to exceed your expectations and ours.

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